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Are you still using google?

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Then you are behind the times, my friend. Soon cuil will be the most used engine and nobody will think of google any more than they think of the one time leader yahoo now. I get five times as many relevant hits with cuil as I do with google. Try it yourself.

I can remember coming to work and seeing Yahoo on everybody's screen. Everybody used it. Then when Microsoft (MSN) entered the race, everybody said it was all over. Then Yahoo and MSN were talking about merging a couple of months ago but that did not happen. The big money boys turned the merger down but the brains behind the merger started cuil, and like all software, it was rushed to the market with bugs in it. The brainy guys wanted to show the money guys what they could do. Give it some time but keep it in mind for future use. I will come back in 3-6 months and see what you are using!
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cool cool thanks!
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hmmmm, I think I need to try another search.....I didn't like those results.....
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to be honest, i usually use AskJeeves - i prefer it to any other search engine, myself.
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Tried it out, don't think Google has anything to worry about.....
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I didn't like it either, and didn't really get the results I was looking for...

I'll stick to Google
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Tried it out, don't think Google has anything to worry about.....
I haven't actually tried it yet, but DH was saying the other day that he had and was not impressed. And then the site went down under the curiosity traffic. Their explanation was how how their servers are organized, I gather, but you know, that sort of thing right out of the gate does not fill me with confidence in them -- they KNOW they're going up again Google, and if they want any lasting credibility, they'd better have the resources to keep up...
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
Tried it out, don't think Google has anything to worry about.....

They'll have to make some huge changes to get anywhere close.

I'll stay in the dark ages behind the times with Google, thanks anyway.
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Well, I tried it out - I wasn't too impressed as I had to force quit my browser because it pulled up a site that I think was trying to hack my computer.
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I just tried it out. It's ok....but i'll definitely be sticking to Google and
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I tried it a few weeks ago but didnt like it has much as the others.
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I use GoodSearch, it is similar in appearance to Google and powered by Yahoo, the difference comes in that a donation to the charity of YOUR choice is made every time a user makes a search.

Simple and effective. And I love the results.
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After hearing about Cuil repeatedly crashing, I don't feel any need to try it out anytime soon.
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To be honest, I never liked Google. I have always used Yahoo. Why does everyone think Google is so awsome? They actually copied Yahoo, at least it seems they did, since their search engline looks almost the same. I've never even heard of cuil. I'll give it a look, though.
post #15 of 16 doesn't look like any search engine I've ever seen before, but I must say, I put in Hope's Paul Stanley Page, and I was overwhelmed with how many links to it they had, and so I'm a fan of cuil.
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I didn't know how to pronounce it (until I googled it -- now that's not very "cool") and I don't like the layout. I tried a search on something rather obscure and got quite a few hits, but many were irrelevant. I've never been too enthused about Google's page-ranking system, but in a way, you can say that it allows the users to vote which hits are relevant, so it's very democratic.

Honestly, they've still got a lot of work to do before they're a serious threat. Six months is a long time in technology, but still, I think I'll still be using Google six months from now.
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