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Rec for white Persian kitten!!!

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I finally got a healthy Persian white kitten but they where giving him wellness canned food which I think is not bad a all but I would like to change that food for something better any recommendation or advice I can get from you guys I was thinking to start with Royal Canin for kittend 34 but what else do you think would be good for his digestive system.
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I don't recall ever seeing Royal Canin in a wet food, so I'm assuming you're consideering switching to dry?

Wellness Wet (except for the seafood formulas) is grain-free and quite good. Royal Canin is not a bad option for dry food (looks to be maybe a little grainy - Sharky might have more insight into that), but perhaps you may want to do both. Keep the kitten on Wellness wet a couple times a day and free feed dry food as well.

You will find that most on this site feed, at least partially, wet food, as it is widely believed that wet food is better for cats (extra moisture, fewer carbs). So, keeping your kitten on the wet would not be a bad idea at all.

If you are wanting to switch primarily to dry, some other options to look into might be Wellness Core or Orijen, both of which are grain free.
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Please stick with wet food and Wellness is quite good .. I would say RC is fine but there are better ...
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At least stick with Wellness for a while so his tummy doesn't get upset.
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I'm glad you have a new kitten, is it from the same breeder or somewhere else? I have heard that wet food is better for cats, also keeps their teeth clean, apparently. Have you considered a raw, natural diet? http://rawfed.com/myths/cats.html
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Congrats on your new baby! I do think Wellness is considered a premium food. The canned kitten formula as listed on their site shows it to be grain free. That's good being grain free and a wet food. I have used this from the time my bottle babies were able to wean to wet food.


I have also used Royal Canin Babycat 34 age 1 to 4 months old dry when they got older. I would leave a small amount out for them to nibble on between meals. It does contain grains.


Kittens need to be fed more often than adults. Great idea to feed them what they are accustomed to eating for a while until they are adjusted to new home. Too many changes at once can lead to digestive upset. Been there too!
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If he's already eating wet, keep him eating wet food, it is better for their health in the long term than dry food. I'd even go as far to say that I'd rather feed a mid-range wet food than a premium dry. But from what I understand (we don't have the brand here, but going on recommendations I have seen from US members here) Wellness is a good canned food? Certainly keep him on that for a few weeks if he is used to it, or you run the risk of stomach upset which could cause dangerous dehydration in a kitten.

Congratulations on your new baby.
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