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PKD High Protein in Urine

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We just took our 3 year old cat Blue to the vet, she has lost a lot weight in the past year she went from 7lbs to 5.5lbs. The vet took a urine sample thinking it may be diabetes, which is isn't. While conduction the test he noticed a very high protein content in her urine. We are home now and won't know anything until tomorrow. He seems to think she may have PKD since she appears to have some Persian or Himalayan in her, does anyone know anything about this disease, or has anyone else had a cat with high protein in the urine and it turned out to be something else. Any information would be really appreciated, we are very worried about Blue.
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I will hope your vet will soon have an answer for you, not knowing what you are dealing with is stressful to say the least.

I have had 1 kitty with PKD - no appearance whatsoever of having persian in his background, Tippy was a long, lean shorthair blue tabby. He was diagnosed when he was estimated to be 7 (he was a rescue off the streets), which is an average age for PKD to show up.

His diagnosis was made after an ultrasound, and I would encourage you to have this done if your vet continues to feel PKD is a possiblity.

Tippy did have a high protein/creatinine ratio in his urine, for which he was treated with a medication called Benazapril (a liquid medication we had compounded in a flavor we hoped he'd like)...it did a good job of bringing this ratio back down to normal.

The rest of the care he received was to manage the chronic kidney failure(CRF) the PKD caused...his bp was high, so he was on medications for this, and we used Calcitriol to deal with his BUN and Creatinine levels.

If you do a websearch on PKD, a lot will come up...and if you read over the sticky on CRF at the top of the messages for this forum, you will find a great deal of info. on that, plus the suggested website of www.felinecrf.org has a section on Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD)

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Thanks for the info. I have been googling PKD and CRF all evening. The thing that is strange is that it says it is usually diagnosed in older cats and Blue is only 3. Also loss of appetite is a common symptom and she seems to have more of an appetite if anything. I was wondering if there were any other possible causes of the weight loss and the protein in her urine.
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They do not have to be old to have either problem. My Patches died from Crf at age 6 on Thanksgiving in 1998. The Vet told me they have even seen kittens with it. Mostly older cats get it though. Have them do more tests. I was told my Coco was high on sugar,creatine,bun and I can not remember the rest and it turned out to be Fia with infection. I wuld get Xrays to check the kidneys.
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