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Girls fighting

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Have you noticed whether cats tend to be more aggressive with others of their own sex? We started off with Male and Female1. Great friends. When they were about 18 months old, Female Kitten2 was introduced. Male quickly became friends with her and their chasing and wrestling is obviously play fighting. Female1 ignored her for a long time. As F2 became older, it appeared that she would try to play with F1 but after a few growls F1 would move off, or chase F2 away. Yesterday it appeared as if F1 was going in for a sniff or nose rub (at last, thought proud Mum!) and then F2 hissed, swatted and ran away (Mum deflated). This is after 15 months! Into all this come kitten Female3, just home for a week. Male is fine with her, but the 2 older girls are hissing and hiding like kitten is a demon! We keep them separate most of the time so they can get used to each other's smells but if they are in the same room, the older 2 evacuate or cringe near the door, even if F3 is in a carrier! Is it a gender thing?
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I have found opposite sexes to get along as well as males and males together. 2 females always seem to bicker with each other. They are all fixed I assume right?
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No, it is just a new cat thing. Given time, maybe a lot more time than anyone can guess, they will work it out. It might be helpful to make them all smell alike, normally with some natural vanilla extract or I even use a tiny spritz of my fragrance (non-alcohol perfumed oil, actually) in a pinch. I dab a little on my hands just enough that I get the scent but not the wetness, rub my hands together briskly to warm the fragrance so it is strong, then give each cat a whole body rub. Afterwards, they are so busy licking the new scent off of each other that they forget about any bad feelings they might have for one another. *grin*
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I have 4 Females and all mine are friends. My Coco who could not be fixed and is 16 loves the new cat the same day. The problem with Coco is they try to nurse off her and she lets them. Meeko is fine also the first day we get a new cat. Sasha hissed at Oreo but they became friends fast. I am not sure how Oreo will act when we get the new kitten in Nov. My brother had to give two males to the pound because they tried to kill each other and no one wanted them. He has to keep a few of his cats seperated right now because they hate each other. I think it depends on the cat.
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Owing both pedigree and mixed, I found that females are far more territorial then males are. That's why I prefer to have more males then females. I had two rex females - one spayed, one breeding. The spay was the oldest in the house. She didn't like other females but was best buddies with most of the males. My queen rex would pick fights all the time with the older female. It got to the point where I had to keep the queen upstairs in my son's room because if she was in the rest of the house, she would go after the older female.

I placed her as an only cat (spayed) and she was happy, her new owners happy, etc.

Your situation is probably typical of the reactions between females.
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I will post Pics of all my girls together to show you they are fine.
My Brother had to girls that hated each other but liked all the other cats.
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My Bellah and Patches hated eachother for 2 years .... this was them a few months ago

It will work out
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Yes, my females are spayed, except for kitten who is new and appears to be too young.

My challenge is that tomorrow we have a guest arriving to stay in the room kitten is occupying so I am going to have to put her with the other cats but I am worried that the females will bully her.
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I have 4 females and all of them just tolerate each other, while my 5 boys get along fine, every now and again a little tussle but nothing to speak of. If your kitty has to be out now with the other girls, they probably will be fine, they'll work it out. Mine did, they just ignore each other, sometimes theres a little hiss and spit.

Good luck.
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