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Sneezing Cat

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Hello all, my cat started sneezing today and was fine last night. She also seems a little more lethargic than normal. I called the vets office and they said that it's probably just allergies. At one point she sneezed all over me this morning(Eww). I was going to try and make an appointment for her but the earliest I could get would be next Wednesday afternoon!! That's a week away. I guess is there anything I should watch for in case it is something else besides allergies? Especially since I can't get her in to see the vet. Thanks!
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What color is the discharge when she sneezes?
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Watch for runny nose, runny eyes, and for decrease in appetite. The sneezing could be the signs of a URI..Upper Respiratory Infection. My kitty started sneezing on Thursday, I took him to the Vet yesterday. They said it was Viral...and put him on anti-biotics and a Vitamin liquid.

Their first question he still eating and playing...which he was, in spades... After only two 1/4 pills and 4 .5cc doses of the liquid, his nose has already dried up, his eyes aren't running and the sneezing is less (and drier) He is on the medication for 14 days. Hopefully my other two cats won't 'catch' it.

Your kitty needs to watch that very closely.
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Thanks for the advice! The discharge seems to be clear that I've noticed.
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If it turns yellow or green then go to the Vet sooner. My Coco is Allergic and the last 2 times she was sneezing it was a Uri.
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My cat's discharge was clear too...but it got progressively worse between Thursday and Tuesday......but stayed clear..just more of it.

I wouldn't wait over a week to take her in. A URI can turn to something worse very quickly...and she could stop eating..which would be bad. Tell the Vet that she needs attention now, especially if you notice that the discharge is increasing or turning colour. can a Vet's office make a diagnosis over the phone???????? I hope you weren't actually talking to the Vet!!!! If so, change Vet's. JMHO!

Really, please get her's so easy to clear up a URI while it's still in its early stages.....don't take chances.

Oh yes, now my other cat has started sneezing today.... .......if it continues, he'll be going in for medication too.

Good Luck!
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I do not understand why they are making you wait until next week. I always get in the same day.
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I think its a really popular vets office. I only picked it because it's close to my house. They have two doctors there though for crying out loud. My last vet always did everything to see my animals when they needed it. If they were booked then she would get me in with another vet in town just so I could get them checked out.

She hasn't sneezed in a few hours that I've noticed. Maybe it was allergies all along. I'm going to continue watching her though. She has been eating so thats good. Thank you guys for all of your wealth of information.
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Do watch kitten is also eating (like a piggy ) playing, running, jumping, etc...and still has a viral URI....just keepwatching for any nasal and/or eye discharge. The sneezing can come and go, but the discharge will get worse as the URI keeps getting worse.

Now that he's been on medication for 2 days...the eyes are clearer, his nasal discharge has really diminished and his sneezing has lessened.....but he'll still take the medication for 14 days.

If things do get worse..demand an not let a URI get could turn to pneumonia. Knowing how URI's can go very bad very fast, I'm sure the Vet's office will find a spot very quickly for you.

Hopefully it is just allergies..and you'll not have to worry about a kitty cold.
Good Luck!
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Well my cat is still sneezing today so I decided to call another vet nearby and guess what? I got an appointment at 4pm today. The good thing is that the receptionist found it unacceptable for me to have to wait a week at my other vet. This one sounds like a better place to take my animals to so far. I'll let you guys know how it goes. I hope it isn't anything serious since I'm catching it early!
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I'm glad to hear that you're taking him in today. It's best to know the reason for the sneezing.

Keep us posted!
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The vet said that her lungs sound good and she's breathing alright. Of course my cat waits until I get home to start sneezing again *sigh*. Why can't they ever sneeze at the vet's office? But the vet told me if I wanted to, I could put her on antibiotics but she probably doesn't need it so I didn't opt for it. She said its probably a minor virus and will go away on its own (if it's a virus then antibiotics won't help so I don't know why she's recommending them unless its for a possible secondary infection) If she's worse tomorrow then I will go pay the 30 bucks for antibiotics. Then she was mentioning something about giving the cat lyseine because sometimes cats can have a virus come back from some kind of herpes infection. I don't have a job right now (I'm about to graduate in a week but I don't have a job yet) so I'm having to use my credit card to pay for things and it keeps adding up and it stinks and I really don't need this right now. The vet said that she would write me a prescription tomorrow for antibiotics, but if I wait until next week and she gets worse then I will have to bring my cat in for another appointment plus pay for any medication. I read the reviews on this vet before I went and a lot of them said she's just out to make money, so I'm not too sure about her . She also mentioned that she doesn't know how my cat would've gotten sick because she's the only cat in the house, I don't leave my windows open, so theres no way of her coming into contact with any outside cats.
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Just keep an eye on her. About not sneezing at the Vet's office.....just consider the time between sneezes at home vs how long she was at the Vet's...perhaps she wasn't there long enough....just an idea.

Also, if she just sneezes at home..perhaps it is an allergy...any new rugs, furniture, fragrances that might trigger an allergic reaction.

Lyseine is an immune system booster.....apparently can be bought at a health food store..but I don't know much about it...have read about it here on this forum.

About the antibiotics....cats have this 'way' of converting a virus to a that's why the Vet recommended an antibiotic. My kitty is also on an AB, yet has a viral infection. It doesn't make sense in the human body...but we're talking a cat's body....

Hopefully your kitty will feel well soon...I hope so!!
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Wow, I didn't know that cats can convert a viral infection to a bacterial infection. That's really interesting!
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