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killer cat

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hi all I'm new to the forum it looks like a great source of info.
i have a question for you about my cat. she regally bring me presents home well i think thats what she is doing. the last few months she has brought 3 pigeons several mice 3 squirrels and a hamster "no idea where she got that from". is there anyway to tell her to stop or should i reward her for bringing me things?
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You should praise her but to stop her, you have to keep her inside all the time or build/buy a cat enclosure or train her to walk with harness/leash.

By letting her have total freedom to roam around and kill unsupervised you are risking her health. Keep in mind that the prey she brings home could be poisoned!
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i think good for her!!! she's being a cat, doing what cats do & i am happy for her. my 2 girls are strictly indoors because we live next to a killer road & i wish they could do the things they should (instead they have to settle for hunting the occasional moth/spider - not the same!!). you cat is only doing what her instincts tell her to & trust me, she's enjoying herself! of course there are risks with her catching live prey, indeed the possibility that it may be poisoned, but nothing is ever purrrfect. you know your cat & what makes her happy so you'll have to weigh up the pros & cons of letting her carry on as she is or not. as goldenkitty said, you won't be able to stop her without quite alot of effort on your part. unfortunately cats are predators by nature, so if she isn't hunting birds & hamsters (!?) she'll be chasing your ankles & looking out the window longingly. i'm sure you'll do the right thing
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That is quite normal for cats that go outside.
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Try a bell on her collar. It won't work 100 percent; but it may reduce the number of kills.
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She is only acting according to her nature. Felines are predatory carnivors; or carnivorous predators (I'm not sure what is the correct way to put it.) To put it concretely, you have a miniature panther in your house, and shouldn't be surprised or upset when she behaves accordingly. That is why cats were domesticated to begin with--to keep down the mice who were eating the farmer's grain.
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