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Should I be concerned?

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This will mark my first post, I wish it was of a more casual nature. The thread I spent 45 minutes typing disappeared when I had to log back in, so I guess this one will have to be suffice.

I have a cat named Siam, and even though she looks very much like a Siamese, she isnt. She came from a nieghbor who had a litter, the father is my outside cat. My mother got her as a small kitten. After about two months she brought her to my house and left her saying "maybe you can do something with her" Everytime someone reached to pet her, or pick her up she would bite, scratch, and wiggle to get down. Not because she was scared, mistreated, or wild. She was just plain mean like these cats tend to be. Siam and I hit it off! In a couple days she was my lap cat, and she sleeps on my back lol. I was reluctant to take her because I had just lost my cat that I had for 9 years. Perfect health, clear eyes, all her teeth where perfect and she was feisty. Just came home from work and she was dead. Anywayz, Siam is a year old now. About two weeks ago I noticed she was having a yellow discharge from her vagina. She runs, eats, plays, and pottys like theres nothing wrong. Some days there isnt any, other days it get quit nasty.
I bought some antibiotic and it hasnt seemed to do much more than add a little weight to her. The vet wants $100 just to see her, and that doesnt included bloodwork or anything else. If she acted sick I would take her to the vet, but she usually seems normal to great. The only thing I cant explain is that she sometimes growls really deep. Even if shes alone in a room. She hasnt been spayed yet, but has never been outside. I hope someone is familier with this, and can help me deduct what the problem is.

Thanx, and sorry for the long post.

Here are a few pics of her.

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Welcome to TCS! She sure is a beauty! From what you're describing, she really needs to see the vet. Since she hasn't been spade, she could have many things going on, such as pyometra, uterine infection, or even cancer. Any type of discharge, especially a yellow tinged one, needs immediate medical attention. I hope it's remedied by a simple spay!
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Welcome to TCS. I am sorry it is under such negative circumstances, but maybe when things improve, you can go and introduce yourself in the New Kids on the Block Forum ...

Siam is lovely, but one thing I simply had to address was your comment, "She was just plain mean like these cats tend to be." I have shared my heart and home with Siamese cats for 48 years and they simply are not at all mean or nasty. They ~do~ bond closely with ONE person and anyone else is just not going to do. This girl knew you belonged to her and that's why she was so ugly to everyone else.

Now to address your problem. What you are describing sounds like an open pyometra, which is an infection inside the uterus. It commonly occurs in unspayed female cats who are not allowed to mate and have kittens. She needs to see her vet now and be spayed. If the infection isn't addressed, she could potentially die from it. The low growling you describe is a pain response. This infection is uncomfortable for her and she hurts, so she growls.

Go ahead and make an appointment with her vet and request that they spay her ASAP.

I sincerely hope she will be OK quickly (and with the proper treatment, she will be I am certain of it) and that you will let us know how she goes. She is a lovely little Seal Point mix!!
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Another WELCOME! to TCS.

Your situation - actually Siam's - really does concern me on a number of fronts. I, myself, would not hesitate to have her seen by a competent Veterinarian, and I really would urge you to see to that.

If you believe the initial examination visit is overly expensive, perhaps calling other Veterinarians in the area would either ease your mind or even result in (what might be) better value. There is an online list of Veterinarians who have been recommended by the "owners" of very sick cats - it might help you find a competent one. That list can be found here.

If cost is still an issue, local animal "rescue" groups might be able to steer you in the direction of some less expensive Veterinary care.

I have to say that there is a huge danger in using antibiotics when the nature of an infection is unknown. I know that their purchase is easy and at much less cost than would otherwise be available, and so there is ready temptation to go that route. One of the dangers is the possibility of creating drug resistant infections. That is a reality on the ground today.

You also mention that she is not spayed and i'm hearing you justify that by indicating she is an indoors-only cat. It's important that you know that many unspayed cats develop very agressive cancers with poor prognoses.
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Thanks everyone for the advice, insight, and kind words. I was going to mention that I did take the time to search. However, most of the results where urinary tract infections and I was certain that wasnt it. Taterbug, your cat Lil Bit looks just like Saim's father.
Originally Posted by gayef View Post

Siam is lovely, but one thing I simply had to address was your comment, "She was just plain mean like these cats tend to be."
When she was a kitten, she was like trying to hold a wild Copperhead lol.
Truthfully, She isnt mean at all....not anymore. Now that shes grown and developed her personality, I see that "meanness" was really her playful, stalking, never seen her coming out-from-under-the-couch ambush predator style hehe. My grandparent had a purebreed Siamese when I was little, and it would climb the curtains and jump off at you. That cat mortified me, and it WAS mean. I guess I just remembered how it was, and seen alot of the same characteristics in Siam. Im sure you admit that they have a spirit and confidence that not all cats possess. I love her very much, and I was meant to be hers.

Originally Posted by BLAISE View Post
Another WELCOME! to TCS.

You also mention that she is not spayed and i'm hearing you justify that by indicating she is an indoors-only cat. It's important that you know that many unspayed cats develop very agressive cancers with poor prognoses.
Thank you for the link.
I wasnt aware of the cancer risks. In no way am I justifying not having her spayed. My intentions where to have her spayed this month. I just got rid of the worms, and was under the impression that if she had an infection, it would have to be addressed before she was went under. The reason I mentioned that she had never been outside was to exclude that as being a factor in her ailment.
I am going to discontinue the biotics, they dont seem to be doing much. I am just going to take her to the vet at the first of the week.

Thanks again for taking the time to post in here guyz. There is no substitute for knowledge. Eli
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I do hope you schedule a vet visit asap, pyometra automatically springs to mind, and I would hate for your little one to die cos you didn't get her to the vet soon enough. I am glad you have discontinued the ab's though, as they could end up making the situation worse.
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She needs a Vet for sure. I belive my Patches died from Pyometra. She had a green discharge and I begged my Dad to let me go to the Vet. He said yes but she died 30 minutes before we went. Is the discharge more clear or yellow. My Coco who is 16 could not be fixed. How often does your Cat go in heat and is there a discharge then. My Coco is half siamese but you cant tell and she is one of the nicest Cats we ever had. I also had a Seal Point Siamese Mix years ago and she was a nice Cat. Let us know what the vet says.
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I have to go along with the vet visit ASAP. It can be a life or death condition if it is pyrometia.
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My Misty had a pyometra that began draining right before her spay can complicate the surgery, and even if draining, I'd not wait until next week to have her seen. Please get her in as soon as you can, she needs appropriate antibiotics for this infection as I'd bet a dozen doughnuts it's a pyometra.
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