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Pet Food Drive

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Has anyone done this before???

I am interested in organizing a pet food drive in my community to provide food, treats, flea meds, etc to those in need such as low-income, disabled or elderly families. I know people are making sacrifices and cutting corners to live day to day in this economic slump we're in and I'm so afraid that animals are suffering from this.
I have sent an e-mail to the local humane society's events coordinator asking for assistance in organizing this.

So, if anyone can give advice on how to go about this it would be appreciated.

My concern is where to store the food and how to go about giving it out to people. I am thinking that we could donate it to the local food bank and they could give it out to needy families; but I haven't contacted them yet because I wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions first.
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What a great idea!!
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Are there any pet food plants near where you live? (in the state or in your side of the state) They often have stuff they need to get out of their warehouses - it isn't bad, but the longer it sits there the closer it gets to the expiration, or it might be left over somehow from a run and is now just taking up space. I don't know about other companies, but Mars is very involved with charities of all kinds. The one here helps the local charity for kids, sponsors some K-9 units, and will provide pet food for some fund raiser events. It's good PR after all.
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