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Little Grey Kitty

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So, our Kasper's Cats has had their first bit of bad news already since I've started feeding them. I came home at midnight last night (after the other lady I am working with fed them), and there was a grey cat that had been hit by a car in front of our driveway. Not our personal driveway, but the one from the busy main road to turn in to our condo complex. He is on the grass now with a blanket over him, and hopefully animal control is on the way to get him soon.

I'm not even positive this baby was one of our ferals. I was SO SCARED he was our big grey mommy cat- the one with two babies we've yet to trap- but since he has white toes, it's not her. He's not one of the big brave guys I see all the time and have pictures of, but he could be one of the scared ones that I haven't seen as well.

This is why, when we catch them, we won't release all the cats back to this colony. It's just too dangerous on the corner of two VERY busy streets and so close to a freeway... (And part of why I'd never let Evie out!!)

Whether he was one of our ferals, or a stray, or someone's outdoor kitty, I hope he his playing happily and pain free at the bridge.
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he was lucky to have you caring for him & his companions!! wish him well & know that you have made a difference xx
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Thats terrible he got hit and died.
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Rest in peace little one.
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Poor boy, your safe and well at the bridge now

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Run swiftly home over the Rainbow Bridge, little grey one Play happily in that wonderful place where there are no cars or highways and all our RB kitties and the little people angels are safe and happy
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RIP precious boy. you are free to play forever in safety across the bridge.
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Thank you all! It means a lot that he didn't make the journey unnoticed or unremembered...

I do have updates. Just before I left for LA, I had to drop by to see if he was picked up yet, and he wasn't, so I got to see him in daylight. Yes, he was one of ours. A grey boy with white socks / boots. He was special because he slept on my car at night, and I would wake up to his paw prints on my windows... A few mornings I would see him there, and was talking to him, trying to get him used to me... I thought about calling him "Boots", because of his boots, but thought that was too common. So I had been thinking of him as "Buttons"... Ends up, the original lady that was feeding them called him Boots.

Why my Buttons?? We were starting to get social... I miss him already...

Enjoy your freedom and fun over the bridge, brave little Buttons / Boots...
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Im sorry about Buttons... Its awfull! It seems sometimes the food bowl can be so far away, and some people dont take any notice of cats, and when they do its not in a good way. I hope his journey was fast and easy, and I know he's playing safely right now, probably practicing driving a car, over the Rainbow Bridge, where anything is possible..
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RIP Buttons. At least in his short life he knew that someone had taken time to care about him.
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