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I have been looking at Dogs and the Pound here is filthy

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The Dog Pound here is so dirty I am afraid to Adopt a Dog there. Its been in the paperits full of sicknesss and diseases. Is there anywhere else I can get a Dog? Its a toy or small Dogs I want.
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Have you tried craigslist in your area?
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Or petfinder? Rescues often post on Petfinder, you might have to drive a little way, but it sounds like it would be worth it.
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We have not tried Craigs List or Pet Finder yet.
We do not mind driving to get a Dog. We drove over 2 hours to get my last 2 Cats and the breeder of the Sphynx is almost 3 hours from here.
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OK, this is a long shot, but check out my post on my sister looking to rehome a dog. She had mentioned for the right home she would be willing to take him to a different state.
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No offense, but I'd be careful with craigslist. It seems to be a minefield of scammers these days. There is a dog-related scam where someone will offer you a free puppy to good home if you pay the shipping charges up front.

There are some shady characters on petfinder too, but at least the really bad ones get reported so it is safer than craigslist. Once I posted there looking for a dog and I couldn't believe the junk I got, including a BYB posing as a rescue.

I'd check the local classified because you can see the dog and ask for the vet paperwork.

Good luck!
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I did look at teh post for your sisters dog. How big do you think he would get?
We do not want a big dog.
My Sister did have a problem on Craigs list last week.
There was a Siamese kitten on there and she wrote the person.
They said she would have to have him fixed first.
The cat was a male taht is about a year old.
That was in Los Gatos.
She looks at the craigs list where I live and the same cat is on it.
It was from June.
I live about 100 Miles from Los Gatos so why is it on both craigs.
I told my Sister do not take the cat I think its a scam.
My Sister did get a Car off craigs list and it was fine.
It is hard to trust people on there because some are terrible people.
I will be careful. I have checked the paper.
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Have you tried the surrounding town's animal control centers? You would be saving a life that way.

My next choice would be a specific breed rescue. They do have mixes. It may be more expensive upfront, but they are very good about making sure they are healthy or that you know about any health issues, they screen for socialization issues, work with you on the best dog for your home situation, work on training before they adopt out (not fully trianed, but have started) and the money you give them for the dog gets plowed back into the care of another dog.
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Can someone help me find a Rescue. I do not mind paying more to help a Dog out. Some of the pounds will only adopt in thier own county. There are a few I can try though.
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Go here
type in your zip code and choose size "small" you should see a list of small dogs near you.

You can find a list of shelters and rescues by going here
type in your city and state.

The other thing you can do is try searching for "***** rescue California" and try the breeds that you are interested in.
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Yeah, I'd go with Petfinder. Like others have said, you can search by size. Plus, many rescue groups are based out of homes (foster homes) so the dog will not have been crammed in a cage. Or on petfinder you can look at rescue groups by state. Many rescues will adopt out of state if you are willing to come meet the dog in person. For others it's not an option because they want to do a home check first.

Search for Groups by State (i think someone already posted this)
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My sister thinks he is fully grown. I think he's somewhere between 40-50 lbs. He's probably 10-11 months old by now.
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I would definately look into rescues on petfinder that does small breed dog rescue. Not all pounds are like the one you visited. Some are short on staff, where I work at my local animal shelter our shelter is very sanitary and clean. We use bleach a lot and it does smell like a swimming pool and not the animals, plus we make sure all of our animals are healthy there.
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I'll agree to look more at Petfinder in your area then craigslist if you've had problems. I was under the impression that cragslist is in your area - not out of state. We have local areas and the animal is where you can meet it. Most of them have phone numbers that are local, I don't know - never got a pet from craigslist before.

I don't like using the newspaper or ads on grocery stores, cause I feel those are byb's trying to make money and I won't support that.
post #15 of 22!!! I'm on there all the time. It's a really good place! Shelters and rescues post pictures and ads of the animals that need homes. That's how we found Leya and a dog, saw their pictures and went to meet them!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I don't like using the newspaper or ads on grocery stores, cause I feel those are byb's trying to make money and I won't support that.
There are those sure, but also around here I see people who got a dog and then have second thoughts about it.
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Thanks for the links and ideas. We do have craigs list here. The Cat my sister wanted seems like a scam. We are still moving in but I want to start searching for a Dog.
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Who knows, maybe after you move in a neighbor will have some pups they want homes for Ask around - I'm sure you'll be loaded with possibilities.
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There are alot of Breeders here. We pass them all the time but I would like to save a dog. I almost had a puppy from my dads friend but thy would not hold it until we moved here.
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Check a breed rescue. Contact them directly. Search petfinder. I say contact them directly as sometimes they don't have dogs listed on petfinder that are in their care. Good luck.

Personally, I would never use the paper or craigslist as a way to get a dog.
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Have you found a possible puppy yet???
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I am also looking to adopt a dog, and found Petfinder to be a great tool.
Most dogs are in Rescue Orgs and/or foster homes, and the good ones make sure you get a vet checked, vaccinated, house trained and many times microchipped pet. They will ask you many question to make sure you are a serious candidate, and they will call your vet too. I was just approved and I am waiting for them to get me an appointment to go meet my future new dog, a 9 month old Cockapoo
I too went the Pound way before looking in Petfinder, but I have 1 child, 3 cats and a boxer, so I really need to know at least some about the dog's background , but unfortunately that's almost never available in the pounds.
The good thing, though, is that many of the dogs placed on Rescue orgs and foster homes were saved from kill shelters, so yes, you are saving a life even if you don't adopt directly from the pound.
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