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need home for great cat

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A few weeks ago i found a cat and decided to keep him with my other 10 cats and 2 dogs.Took him to be neutered and they told me he has FIV. I am having a time trying to keep them separate. He is a sweet cat,about 1 year or old with blk and wht tuexdo markings. Has a good personality,very loving and affectionate. He deserves a family all to himself who will love him for many years to come...........thanks for any help.......
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FIV is not as easily transmittable as many think. I have seen people have FIV+ & FIV- cat co-exist.
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He sounds like a wonderful cat. Thank you for taking him in. But, you don't have to separate him from the others because of the FIV. Unfortunately, many vets aren't up to date on their information about FIV. It's not easily spread between cats and can't be spread casually like through litter boxes, water and food bowls, or when snuggling and playing. The virus is primarily spread through blood tranfusions or serious, penetrating bite wounds. Wounds of this kind are extremely rare, except in free-roaming, uneutered tomcats. So, as long as everyone gets along, this sweet boy should be just fine with your others.

I know many people who have cats who are FIV positive and negative living together and it's not issue. I've fostered two FIV+ cats myself in the past year, both of whom had contact with my own four, who are negative, and it wasn't a problem at all. If I was in the position to add another permanent cat, I wouldn't hesitate to adopt one with FIV and make him or her a fully integrated member of the household.

I hope you decide to keep this sweet boy. He sounds like a wonderful cat.
If you need more info about FIV, feel free to PM, and I'll send you some links.
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