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Do you have a favorite cat...

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I try to love all my pets the same but...Shhhh Neo is my favorite. I can't help it!! He is so sweet and cuddly and I just love him to pieces! I was wondering if you have a fav kitty or if you love all your furbabies the same?
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Fortunately for me, I only have Spike, and he's my favorite. I don't know what I'd do if I had another... I might feel guilty if I had a favorite. Spike isn't keen on getting any brothers or sisters, so I think I'm safe for now.
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I love them both to pieces, but Trent is my favorite. It's kinda inevitable when they choose who is their favorite. Ophelia is definitely Daddy's Girl, Trent is Mommy's Boy and that was their choices, not mine. It actually started out the other way around. Ophelia was connecting with me as a kitten since I was spending all the time socializing her, and Trent liked Daddy more. Then for some reason they switched allegiance.
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Merlin is a big momma's boy so I can never stay mad at him (he is our biggest rouble maker).
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I all my kitties the same. Peppurr is my favorite though! He is the sweetest most cuddly cat I have! Don't tell my other kitties though!
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I love both my kitties but Rocky is my favorite..I bonded with him in a way that I haven't bonded with Fluff yet,..she seems to be gradually coming around to me more like wanting me to rub her ears or something like that but usually she just prefers Rocky over anyone..
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Well, I only have one, so it's easy!!!! My baby girl is my favorite!! LOL
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I have 2 favorites, even though I love them all so very much. Midnight is special, he was the first cat I ever had that was all mine. I adopted him 2 weeks after I moved out of my mom's house, and I tell him that we've been through it all together! He is a sweet, gentle cat who always seems to know when I need a friend, and snuggles up next to me, touching my cheek with his paw.

And Max is my spoiled little baby girl. She sleeps on my hip every single night (and for naps, too) and greets me as soon as I am awake in the morning. She loves to sit on my lap and get brushed.
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hmm yeah, I love Asim the most right now, but I will always love DC the most (RIP) above any animal.
Then comes Isha, then comes Tage, and then Keiji (ferret) and then Corbi (bird).
When Asim goes, he'll be very hard for the next cat to beat, my life would be so boring with out him.
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I love all my cats, too...but Merlin is my favorite, the one I would totally lose it over if anything happened to him. (not that I want anything to happen to ANY of them, but I would take it even harder with Merlin) I kept him alive as a small kitten, not very old, when he had been abandoned and terrorized...his siblings were all dead....he was in shock and wouldn't eat. He is mamas boy now! (although hubby says he is "his" boy )
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I have 7 so its hard to choose a favorite. They all have something different about them that makes you love them. I have been spending alot of time with the kitten, Griffin, who is sick right now and he wants to be held all the time. My husbands favorite, is Chaucer, a smoke black tabby that we have. He just loves my husband and wakes us up every morning about 4:30 wanting to be petted. We have another, Ta, another smoke black tabby that is soo very sweet. He likes to hug me, or thats what it seems like. The rest are kind of older and just want to be fed and sleep, but everynow and then they will get in your lap when they feel like it.
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I'm trying to sneek this in while no kittys are around.... but yes I have 2 fav's. Wieland, whom I belive to be my soulmate and my little baby kitten (who's really 2yrs old) Maple. All the others I LOVE equally give or take a little depending on how they treat me everyday. (That's awful, huh?) Dali:blossom:
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I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a favorite! My favorite is Lil Cat. He just turned two last week! I have three altogether and Spaz used to be my favorite but now he just likes to eat and sleep in the sun.(except whenever the brush comes out)Baby girl was a stray I took in. Shes all black and soo friendly untill you pick her up. Her and Spaz are tied, but my little cat is just too sweet!
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YA Cheyanne She was the first cat I ever owned.and she is the reason I now have 5 Siamese!
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Hrm.. sooooo hard.

I'd have to say Jake. He is my angel. I can call him from any room in the house and he comes instantly. If I bend over and put my hands down he'll run full speed to me and stand on his hind legs with both front paws lifted in the air - as if you say "Pick me up mommy, hold me hold me!" I always pick him up too.

As soon as he's in my arms his little purr motor starts going.

Drew (aka Drew-Bear.. because he's so much bigger than the others) is definitely Craig's cat without a doubt. Drew loves him sooo much and will talk to him (or squeek to him), and let Craig hold him. Drew very rarely lets me hold him.

As for Sebastian. He is such an independent spirit. He doesn't like to be held but he looooves when I lay on the floor and pet him. Only then will he snuggle with me.

I love them all very much and equally, but Jake is my angel. Craig can sit and call Jake for years and Jake won't go to him. I can call him once and instantly Jake is in my arms.

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If you promise not to tell... I'd have to say Arutha is my favorite. He loves to be on my lap, or in my arms snuggling up to me. He purrs and purrs, and is so happy he even drools. I call him my baby. The other two don't really like laps, and while they like attention now and then, Arutha's my little lover boy!

I love all my babies, though, and try hard to make sure they all get love and attention.
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I have to admit, that Pollyanna is my favorite. She is my first cat a an adult. My sister develloped wery strong allergie against cats (and more things) so I couldn´t have cats at home after that started. Then I had a crazy boyfriend for too long that had wery strong opinion against cats "dissgusting dirty creatures that bring illnesses, bugs and other bad things, and they should all be exterminated". When I finally got Pollyanna, I had been having a very bad time and she was the beginning of a better life (Hence the name, Pollyanna, also to remind me to try to find the happy side of things in life, the story was also my favorite book as a child). The two of us lived alone together for quite some time and develloped a special bond. I don´t think I could ever feel that special bond with any other cat.
I do love Feykirofa, but as I say, the bond Pollyanna and I share, is uniqe.
Sometimes I feel guilty, but then I think that Feykirofa is happy the way things are, we love each other, and she doesn´t realize that there is any other bond kind available than what she knows!
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Echo is my fave! I love all my cats to pieces, but Echo and I have had a bonding experience unlike the others. When I moved out on my own I was so lonely and rescued her when she was only 5 weeks old. I've watched her grow into quite the little lady and will always have a special bond with her. Bud is Echo's sister and has lived his entire life with my brother and my folks, but I love him as much as if he were my own. Tiki is fairly new to our house (it'll be a year in August) and we are still getting to know each other. She is definitely a "Mommies" girl and constantly needs my attention...and I love that! Even though I love her so much, I can't help but pick Echo.

Jeez...I love them so much and it will just about kill me when they decide to go the Bridge. Darn it...It's already making me teary eyed just thinking about it! Enough of that...HAPPY THOUGHTS!
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I have so many- and I love them all the same.
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Fred is my baby. I have had him since he was about a month old, and he has been everywhere with me. He is 14 now, and getting a little senile. I love my girls, but Fred is my favorite. He loves me more than my kid does!
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