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therapy cat!

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Guess who's been approved to become a threapy cat?! Yes, everyone favorite Torti (or at least mine), Twitch. My little rescued stray. I begin training her tomorrow. I'm so happy. I love volunteer work like that!
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Twitch is adorable! We have therapy cats and the cats and the people all love it - Donna and My husband Clint went two weeks ago with Milo, Cupid and Donna's Sphynx, Moo, to an elderly housing/convelescent/assisted living area for seniors and I understand the people absolutely loved having the kitties to sit on their laps. So many people miss the kitties they had and were forced to give up when they had to come to the home. It is so sad.
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what is a therapy cat? i have never heard of that...

beautiful photograph though!
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I am going with Clint (Rene's husband) to the nursing home next weekend with my baby Billy. Billy is just the nicest cat and I hope he is able to bring some smiles to the residents. I know he always brings a smile to my face.
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Twitch looks just like my Mollie Rose!! A Therapy Cat is a cat that you bring to convalescent homes, hospitals, etc. and bond with the patients. Cats and dogs have been known to be great healers just by their presence. The feel of the fur, the sound of the purr, all of that cheers people up and helps them to get better. I love the program because it brings such joy to the residents and people who are in the convalescent homes and hospitals. I also love to listen to their stories of their own pets. Memories are all some of these people have and the looks on their faces when they talk about them is so rewarding. I can't wait to do it again.
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that sounds amazing, i would love to do something like that. what a great idea !
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I love calicos! I don't have a pic to post, but I had a beautiful calico named Katie. Unfortunately she passed away at 10 y.o. because she had an enlarged heart. It just about broke my heart when I lost her.
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