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Does anyone else wander with their cat?

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I work a graveyard shift and occasionally when I get home I'll kind of wander with my cat as he makes rounds of his territory. I kinda just follow him and if I fall behind he waits for me and meow's. At random intervals we'll stop and I'll pet him, but he always makes sure I'm with him. I was just wondering if there was anyone else out there who engaged in these kind of activities with their cat besides me.
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I used to know a man who walked his dog everyday and the cat would follow them all around.
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aww thats nice, it sounds like you have a good bond. i only follow my cats around whilst tending to their every beckon & call, so i wouldn't know what it's like to be viewed as their friend!!!
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Doesn't everyone do this?

I started patrolling the garden with Bennie when he was a new kitten to help him get used to being outside. Now he's totally confident about being outside, we still take a 'constitutional' (as my husband calls it), most days. He likes to rub my legs and weave between them as we go. We chat about the weather and the state of the garden. Sometimes I sit on our bench at the bottom of the garden for 10 mins or so, while Bennie shows me how good at climbing trees he is! He never moves far away and seems to rather like this.

He isn't an especially cuddly cat (he was a stray kitten taken too soon from his cat mummy) so this is often as 'together' as we get. He's almost 1yr old now, and I hope he never grows out of it!
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Glad to find this thread. My cats and I have strolls in the garden (pretty large one) and if they could, they would follow me out to the streets. They know the risks so they watch and meow whenever I walk out to the corner store. If I lived in a farm, I am sure we will have daily and even nightly wanderings.
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I own three cats, but only one likes to follow me around everywhere... She is so cute and clever... When I come out of my room with an empty plate, she meows a lot and it's so funny to hear that... she follows me to the kitchen, begging for some leftovers... lol
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I knew a girl whos cat would follow her to the store ( a mile or so) and back. When I couldnt find my old cat Susan Id go on the rooftop and she would appear. I wish I could do the same with my new cat
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