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I think Sunny needs a Drinkwell fountain from Petco

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I am always having to remove Sunny from the bathroom sink before I can brush my teeth or even during brushing my teeth. He loves to drink from the water faucet. I don't notice him touching his water bowl much except for when it's fresh & cold from the refridgerator. I have been researching fountains and think I found one; it's the drinkwell fountain from Petco. I like that you can also use it to grow cat grass in it. I think he'd really like it.

Does anyone have this for their cats? I'm reading the product description and it says that if we lose power, it will not overflow, it also says that I don't have to connect it to the sink. Nowhere does it say how the fountain is powered - is it battery or electric?
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It has a power cord so you need to put the fountain near an outlet. I got it when our oldest cat was suffering a lot of UTIs and I wanted her to drink more. It was very successful with her and she really likes to drink from the spout.
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He definitely needs one! My girl who LOVES to drink from the faucet absolutely loves her Drinkwell. It runs on an electrical pump and it has 2 flow settings. Be sure to get the water bottle attachment thing so you're not refilling it everyday.
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My cats love theirs.
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My girlies love their Platinum Drinkwell!
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My two love their Platinum drinkwell. There's a power cord so you just need to find a place near an electrical outlet. I use distilled water for them - usually I just clean the fountain every Sunday and use a gallon of water for both the bowl area and the reserve tank and so far, it's never run out. The Platinum is very easy to take apart and clean, including the motor - usually takes me no more than 10 minutes, and that includes talking to my curious cats about what mommy is doing with their fountain. And I am the least mechanical person in the world.

Also, Drinkwell customer service is pretty good - I cracked my reserve tank by dropping it on a limestone floor and ordered a replacement from Drinkwell. Came quickly and the staff was nice. I believe the regular Drinkwell sells their tanks separately so that's not an issue for that model.
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It is electric, and my cat loves his fountain. So does the dog. The dog loves it so much we threw out her water bowl, since she'll only drink from the fountain.

I don't have the drinkwell, but I strongly recommend a fountain... The dog drinks from the bowl, but the cat positions himself to get the water right when it emerges on top of the slide (like I said, different fountain).

I may get another one, in fact, just so the dog and cat don't have to fight for the same one all the time.

Wouldn't grow grass in it though... wouldn't that clog the motor?
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
Wouldn't grow grass in it though... wouldn't that clog the motor?
They sell what looks like little trays with holes in the bottom. From the description, it sounds like they also come with the seeds for the cat grass. They are only $9. Sunny's never tried cat grass so we'll see how it goes.
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my Pixel is a major Drinkwell fan [i have a platinum], but my other 4 prefer the Petmate Freshflow [which was what i had first].
Pixel likes drinking from the spout, too!
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We had the exact same issue with our Toby.. if we wanted to brush our teeth, we had race to the bathroom and close the door, or he would jump in the sink

We got the Drinkwell and he has a fabulous time with it, and we no longer have to deal with cats in sinks at inconvenient times!
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