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please help

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i need advise
i have a very small cat thats expecting her first litter and i dont know what to do?
i wanted to get her spayed but the vet told i dont have to coz she's to small to have babies!
he was right for 3 years but now she looks like a cat that swallowed a basketball and im scared i might lose her during birth !
what can i do?
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Are you saying the vet would not spay her cause she was too small or did he say she was too small to get pregnant?

Nothing you can do if she's pregnant now. She may need a c-section if the kittens are too big to be delivered natuarally. I'd have the cat spayed if she has these kittens and survives.

If she's 3 yrs old now, there shouldn't really be any reason she can't be spayed (there have been rare cases where a female cannot be spayed due to medical reasons).
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Have you contacted a vet at all?

I'd suggest finding another vet if you haven't, and talking to him/her about what this vet told you and ask for options... I would NOT go back to whatever vet told you to not have her spayed! He apparently does not know what he's talking about and has led you into a very bad decision.

I'm not sure how far along she is, but you need to talk to a vet...Supposedly there are abortion options if she's really too small to deliver or if you are unlikely to find homes for kittens.

Here are some links:
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My Meeko is a small Cat and had one Kitten giant kitten when she was 2. Is the Vet saying she is two small to get fixed or to small to have kittens. That was her only kitten ever. She is now 8.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Is the Vet saying she is two small to get fixed or to small to have kittens. That was her only kitten ever. She is now 8.
I understood her to be saying the vet told her not to get the cat spayed b/c due to her small size she would not be able to get pregnant. Which is not true. And pregnancy is not the only reason to get a cat spayed!

I agree...find another vet ASAP. When she gets close to her due date, maybe a vet can do an ultrasound to see the size of the babies to determine if a C-section is necessary?

Hope all goes well with your kitty.
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My Coco could not be fixed because it would have killed her.
I do not know why a Vet would say a small Cat can not get Preg.
I have talked to 3 Vets about my Oreo and they all said not to fix her because of her problems. She is small and she has fcks so her bones in her chest are not normal. I would do a Ultra Sound also. What is the weight of your Cat?
I always take Cats that have problems.
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that stupid vet told me she can't have babies coz of her size.she weighs about 2.1kgs now and she's very far along in her pregnansy.she's very moody and follows me everywhere so my dad thinks she might give birth by the weekend?im taking her to an animal hospital tomorrow,the vet there said he'll check her out and let me know whats best.
im just so worried he gives me bad news.......and this time i'll have her spayed no matter what the vet says.
i don't mind having kittens and finding homes for them won't be a problem i just hope my baby's gone be okay.....
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I would ask a few Vets before fixing her. Make sure its safe first. My cat would have died if she had been fixed. I went to three Vets and got advice from Uc Davis. Is there a reason she is small and how did she get preg.
Was she let out side?
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i dont know why she's small...i found her abandoned near a swiming pool as a kitten,her eyes was barely open....maybe thats the reason?
she wasn't let out,she's a house cat,she'll only go outside when the family is moms cat had kittens a few months ago and my cat went crazy!she constantly stole the kittens!we feed a stray male and we think he must have gotten into the house somehow.....
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you definitely need to visit a vet - preferably a different one than the one who said she wouldn't get pregnant.

there are other health problems that could have the 'swallowed a basketball' effect. no way to tell w/o a vet visit...
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I'd call a vet now... just in case she does deliver this weekend and needs help because something goes wrong... so you know who to call and what to do.
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fanx guys!
i felt the babies kick last night!!!
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koeshke had 4 kittens.....
2 were still born,misformed and under developed
the other 2 are healthy but no bigger than mice.
she was in labour for over 7 poor baby
i sat up all night looking after her,she was in so much pain.
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I'm sorry things didn't go well.

How is Koeshke now?
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Sorry about the loss of 2 of the kittens. Hope everyone else is fine. Plan on getting her spayed when they are about 8 weeks old. And please keep the kittens for at least 10-12 weeks. With them being on the smaller side, you might consider not rehoming them till 16 weeks.
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I hope the other two will be ok. Coco had 2 dead kittens also and one was deformed. The other 3 lived but I lost Stormy at age 5 from kidney failure.
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I am sorry for your loss. I hope Mama is ok.
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koeskhe's doing fine and eating me out of house!
the kittens are growing really fast and they are so cute!
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