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What would you buy first...

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So as you know we are approaching our move in a month. We have this money voucher that expires next month. So i am allowed to spend it!

FH said that i can buy things off ebay in Australia or Australian websites, for our new house. Our list is enormus, my first thought was a fish tank for the kitties. He said that I should get something for us instead!

Theres not much money on it, i think at least $150.

So what would you buy, if you were to move into a house that has basic things such as Kitchen, couches and washing machine?

Any ideas? I am sure the list will never end hehe.
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I would deffinately do the fish tank they are awesome they occupy my kittes forever!!! I have a 55 gallon cold water aquarium with 2 calico rhunyicans a red sar and 3 comet goldfish. I love it they are easy to keep alive and easy to take care of!! Other then that maybe you two could have pictures done or use pictures you already ahve and then you could by nice frames to put them in...You could also get some candles also maybe a comforter set...
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I would buy something for the new place. Pictures for the walls, shower curtain, towels, coffee maker, area rug, television, pantry items etc.
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Do you have any pictures of the inside of the house so you could get a better idea??

Also what did you sell, get rid of that you can't wait to replace??
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You could get your cats/and you a smaller fish tank, and spend some money on you and your FH too. We have a 10 gallon with 4 tetras, 1 cherry barb, 1 white cloud and 2 cory cats. Stimpy loves to watch the cory cats (corydoras).
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Just remember if you get a fish tank they require a lot of cleaning.
I'd probably get something for the house, like curtains or silverware or stuff like that. OOh! You could see if ebay has any inexpensive kitty trees!
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When you first get into a new place, the quickest way to liven it up is to hang some pretty curtains! And if you go to IKEA, you can do it so cheaply that you can still have a kitty tree, too.
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I also vote for pictures! When we moved to our new house, we had all the necessities, so the first thing I splurged on was pictures and candles. Also comforters and a rug... Wow, all those have been said already, we have some smart people here!

Sorry, guess I don't have any creative original ideas. Just want to say congrats and enjoy!!
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I think I'd just put the money aside till you reall move in and have everything put away - then figure out what decorations you really want. You might find that you'd rather put it to pictures or nicknacks or something other then an aquarium.
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I already have a fish tank here, I know how much work they require.

So far no good. I can only buy things off the internet, as I cant get to stores I wanted to buy something and deliver it to my MIL so she doesnt have to have the hassle of going to pick up things.

Seems like Australia isn't really into Online shopping

Curtains ect will be provided with the house in Melbourne, so can't do much.
Been looking at kitty trees!

I cant believe for a kitty tray it costs 4,000 I am sure its a typo because Id prefer to buy a new one here and spend a little extra money on postage!

If anyone knows a good Australian shopping website just let me know!
I need to use up this thing before the expiry date!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I would buy something for the new place. Pictures for the walls, shower curtain, towels, coffee maker, area rug, television, pantry items etc.
I agree buy something you know you can use
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150 is not really going to be enough for a proper sized fish tank (a larger one) and all the filters, heater, accessories, etc you will need not to mention the fish/etc. For that price you'll have to get a tiny one (and keep in mind the larger the tank- the happier the fish) - my favorite fish website -it's like TCS but for fish!!! Read through the threads and articles if you decide to get a tank and do your research first I'd be happy to help you if you have any questions!!!

Honestly for that amount of money though- i'd buy things that you'll need for your new home!!! Why not invest in something for your home that both you and your SO will love
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I agree with GoldenKitty45, save your found cash for now. You never know with a move and all what unexpected expense may come up.

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Do you have a list of everything each of you will be bringing to the house? I know moving that far you probably had to get rid of a lot and just bring the basics but each of you make a list of what you have and spend it on what you don't! I think a fish tank is a good idea but that can be picked up later after you are there and familiar with what is available locally.
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I would love to save the money, there is only $100 on it as i just found out so i can just get basic things.

The thing is I can't save it as the thing expires in September, and that would be $100 lost. This is why I have to spend it.

Thanks for the info about the fish tank, over here you can get a decent tank for 60 euros all inclusive. I obviously thought that Australia has the same deals. I already have a fish tank that I cannot take with me.

I ended up buying a start up pots and pans set, towels and bed linen.

All of my bills have been paid for and the cats too, now i can just sit back and relax a little bit and just concentrate on things done around the house.
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