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New Addition!

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OK, not really....but a girl can wish, can't she?

I believe this is a little girl. I took pics of her to put on Petfinder....and she doesn't look real in this one. Was trying to think of a title for this thread....and figure I might as well yank some chains. (Please, put the bats away )

Besides, not my "style". Female (meaning Ophelia's lunch), no blue eyes....and kitten.
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Shes like one the cutest kitties ive ever seen
I absolutely love pure white kitties!
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Awww, what a cutie-pie!!! She does look kinda like a little toy in that photo, she looks so perfectly adorable!
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She's adorable! Her "smile" makes her look fake in that pic
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Yeah, you yanked some chains, all right, Nat. Little sweetie, though!
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Oh my gosh what a darling!
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What a beauty
She won't be on petfinder for long...
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What a beautiful little girl!
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You had me going for a minute, there

She's adorable. Um... can I have her?

(I'm, apparently, on a kitten kick )
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What a precious snowball of fluff. Nat, how did you leave without sneaking her out?
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Awww she's adorable!
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
What a precious snowball of fluff. Nat, how did you leave without sneaking her out?
I was more focused on the 3 older white kittens we have right now!

I'm doomed, doomed I say!
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Ohhh she's gorgeous!!! Can you send her to Memphis
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That kitten is too cute for her own good.

She certianly will have no problem finding a great home real quick.
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she'll have no problem find a home I bet
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YOu're right, she looks like a stuffed toy. She won't last long.
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