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Two adopted, one still waiting...

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Hello everyone:

This little sweetie was adopted today I have to say he has been a very popular kitty, 4 people wanted him, so I had to pick and I think I picked the best family for him, a very nice young couple. They are so nice! I gave them their new kitty at 11am today and they were beside themselves, they fell in love with him. They were going to take him to the vet right away for a check up and they agreed to neuter him soon. Another happy day for me.

Two kittens have been adopted, now I have to find a home for little Malachy, he is the sweetest of the three, but he hasn't been lucky enough to find a home. Everybody wanted Zachary because he has blue eyes and looks like a siamese. People don't know what they are missing, this baby is so playful, loving and funny!! I won't give up, he will find a wonderful home, he deserves it. here he is:
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Originally Posted by Momto4kitties View Post
Awwww he could be Marissa's twin!

Good luck with the last one
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Oh he's a beautiful boy for him to find a great furever home! I'm glad the other two have found good homes
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Thank you both so much

Yes Sarahp, they could be twins!!! That is soo cute, your Marissa is adorable!
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Yay!! Two great homes for two great kitties!!

Now we're just saving the best home for last, right?? Handsome little Malachy, you make him sound like a wonderful boy, I'm sure you'll get him a great home soon!

For the sweet baby to find a wonderful home!!
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Just a thought--did you offer him to any of the families that didn't get the other kitty? He sounds awfully sweet, and even if he doesn't have the same looks he's still a cute kitten...
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Thank you all Yes, I did offer him to the families who didn't get the other kitten, but they didn't want him, they wanted blue eyes I guess. If they only care about that it is better that they didn't take Malachy. he deserves better.

I'm working on finding him a great home, I talked to some friends and the wheels are in motion
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I would have picked Malachy because I have a soft spot for little brown tabbys. My very best friend was a brown tabby and I always have a place in my heart for them.
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