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Loving this place!

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I just wanted to say that I love this new forum! It's so nice to have a place just for mature discussions. Anytime you tackle tough issues with a group of diverse people from all walks of life you're sure to have conficting opinions but so far I think everyone has handled themselves beautifully!

There is a lot of fodder here for fireworks but personally I think we have all done a good job stating our opinions without malice or ugliness.

I love the fact that these hot button topics have their own home, so that those who would rather not be apart of the discussions don't have to look 'around' the threads they aren't interested in. If you come in here, you know what to expect and should be prepared for lively chat.

A big thank you to our mods of this forum! (I'm just glad I don't have to worry about what happens in here ) And to all of you who come and contribute and make this place what it is. Without you this forum wouldn't be interesting!
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I just wanted to say thank you! As a new guest mod of this forum I haven't had to work yet ! Everyone has been very repectful. You are making my experience as a mod enjoyable. I am really enjoying the discussions.
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I agree! And thank you...everyone...You all make our jobs a bit easier when we all act like adults. Ady, Lorie and I haven't really had much of a chance to really "work" but I'm sure we'll get our opportunity!
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Here's hoping you don't! It's not fun sometimes when you have to discuss administrative duties...

This new forum is a great place, and it is nice to see that everyone is keeping it on an even level, so that learning and exchanging ideas is occuring.
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I want to say thank you too! Everyone has been very respectful of the opinions of others, and this new forum is off to a fantastic start!
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I love it, too. Particularly because there are people who really give it to me. I love to listen to people who are just as "bitchy" and opinionated as I am . Maybe we can influence each other and learn a lot, and tell each other that we have "crossed the line". Here's to freedom of speech, and respect for others' opinions and experiences. What I really like is the international experience - I want to know what people from other nations think, and also what people from "other walks of life" believe.
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