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Harness for Holly

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Today I bought a harness for Holly. And, surprisingly to me, she doesn't seem to mind it too much!

She is getting spayed in a few weeks, and I thought it might be nice to have her harness trained so she doesn't have to be in a cage waitng the whole time (we are going low cost at a clinic, which I have a feeling will take forever for us to be seen...)

Any ideas or suggestions? I haven't bought a leash yet. How long do cats (she is 4 months old) usually take to learn how the harness works? I'm so proud she is doing ok wearing it Kitty won't even wear a collar...
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It's so cool that she's adjusting well to the harness!

However, having been in some low-cost vet clinics, I think being in a cage would be much better than being on a harness. A cage gives a safe, familiar cave to hide in. You can slide the cage under a seat and have it farther away from the inevitable curious dogs.

Since your cat is going in for a spay, though, they'll probably just take the cat from you and let it get used to the cage in the back before they do anything. In other words, they won't have you and the cat waiting in the waiting room for the vet to be ready, so there will probably be much less of a wait for a spay appointment than for a regular visit.
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My 3 took to it right away, I just put the harness on and took them right outside.

Hope she recovers quickly from her spay operation.
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Thanks to both of you. I hope to have pics of my furry spotted baby walking outside soon!
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Can't wait for those photos!

Hope the surgery goes okay...
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My abyssinian Frankie lives to be put in his harness to go for rides in the truck or for a walk in our back yard. My down side to this is now frankie sits at the door and tries to go out on his own. He will sit at the door and if he thinks were going outside he will try to jump on our shoulders or tries to sneak his way outside.
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