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Advice for a neighbour?

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My neighbour who has several rescue cats has a sick cat. Tigger is 2 years old and very sick. It has been going on for quite a while and the vet cannot figure out what is wrong. I'm hoping perhaps someone has seen similar symptoms and has an idea of what it might be. Unfortunately, my information is limited.

I know that he went into the closet one day, stopped eating and drinking. He has has blood tests and DNA tests and they still can't identify what is wrong. His red blood cells are very low. The vet said that his body is acting like he has bone cancer, but his white blood cells are fine. They are thinking autoimmune.

He was put on prednisone (10 mg) and responded. Not thriving, but he was comfortable. My neighbour said that he was eating, drinking, and using the litter box, but not much else. He would occasionally let her cuddle him. However, he has been taken off the prednisone because he was becoming very disfigured to the point that he was probably uncomfortable (big belly, bulging eyes). Off the prednisone, it seems it will only be a matter of time until he slips into a coma and passes away.

Does anyone have any ideas of what might be wrong with him. I am assuming that they have checked for all the "normal" things and ruled them out.

Thanks for any help!
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Is it possible to get a second opinion?
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