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You would think...

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Online registration for classes at the school I'm going to started on August 1 at 5pm for priority 1 students (those that have 30 or more credit hours). I don't have that many credit hours and fall under the priority 2 category for those who have been admitted into a degree/certificate program. The school has been turning more to online registration. I can't even get into register and look at the course schedules. When I'm able to get in to look the site is so bogged down I can't do anything. You would think that if the school has been pushing online registration more and more that they would have servers that could handle the traffic.
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Finally registered!

I'm going to start off with three classes:

Monday- History of World Civilizations 1
Monday/Wednesday- Basic Algebra 1
Tuesday/Thursday- Intro to Sociology 1

I'm anxious to get started.
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I do everything online now, from registering to getting my grades to ordering my books. Much different from my first go around at college 12 years ago. I love it though! The less person to person interaction I have the better

good luck with Algebra, Bryan! I'm so jealous of your world civ class and I greatly enjoyed Sociology, but then I love to learn about how people behave/think.
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