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Lucia's kittens at 4 weeks

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I took the photos with my iphone so it is not as good as a camera but the cuteness still shines through.
I need a simpler camera than the one I have for snapshots. Which I will get in the next few days.

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What little cuties, cute names too
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I love the little brown tabbies the best
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I love the little brown tabbies the best
I do too. They have such big personalities especially Arabella. She likes to wrestle with the boys. She also like to lick my toes and climb in my hair.

I think Bella713 would approve of the names. My daughter's father is Italian and she has an Italian name so all of the kittens must follow suit.

They are a lot of fun. I have someone who wants the tabbies, someone who wants the tuxie and someone who wants one of the van marked kitties.
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CC, the babes are gorgeous! Aren't they just a ball of fun? With the extra feedings, litter scoopings, etc, they make it so worth it and more. I would do anything for these guys, and I know you would too.

Finding homes for 8 kittens at once is not easy, but it's not that bad really. We get to raise them and get the best part of kittenhood, then find them suitable homes. I'm still workin on it LOL.

Today was Lily's babies' 5 week birthday. Since I JUST posted pics the other day, I will wait another day or so to post more. I'm going in for a cystoscopy on Thursday morning, sister coming on Wed. to visit...again, another busy week.

Are you starting to litter train your babies yet? Mine went in the box and they've been great ever since just under the 4 week mark....I'm so proud of them, and I brag about them all the time LOL Just need them to take to drinking water
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They have 2 baby boxes in their room and I have not seen anything yet. I did see 2 mishaps of little poo poos.
They are so fast now. I have to scoop them up when I come into the room. I don't mind. But they are trying to escape. The other day I didn't realize it but Renzo got out and was under my bed.
I spent part of my afternoon cuddling one of the black and whites. I am starting to see more and more of their individual personalities.

skewch-Good luck on your procedure.
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