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I HATE it when they don't show up for a couple of days!!

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This is the third day i haven't seen ashton, i finally saw sherbert and he took one look at me and ran way, I don't know what his problem is. I didn't see lilly today either, I saw her yesterday though. I called them for a good 15 minutes and no one showed...except sherbert who ran off again
I went looking back in the woods and saw BIG white poppa cat. Which makes me angry, because i call them by doing really high sqeely kinda kiss sounds...and I didn't know until snowwhite had her kittens but I sounds just like a baby kitten anyway i was making those noises and BIG white daddy comes running he was probly thought there were some new kittens! What a big meany!!

so i could us some come home and calm down vibes for my gang. I don't think they like misty being outside
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I hope you can trap Big Poppa and get him neutered ASAP! This may bring the others back in a hurry. Unneutered males will fight and your babies may be avoiding him at all costs. He could be the daddy to the new kittens too! Hope they come back soon!
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These cats are wild for all intents and purposes and they do not behave in the manner you want them to. The best thing you can do is feed them on a routine schedule, try and trap as many as you can, get them spayed and neutered and re-release them afterwards- unless you can find someone who wants to work with ferals and will give them a good home. They are not around now because it is kitten season and they are busy following nature's urges. They run from you because they do not trust you yet, and probably won't for quite awhile. It is how they managed to stay alive so far, so they aren't about to change their ways.

I had one feral I trapped and neutered and he lived in our rafters for over a year before he came down to join us. He is now one of our biggest lap cats. It all takes time, and if you get angry or frustrated in the process, you need to back off and regroup because if they pick up anything from you that is not a good vibe, they will be history and you will not see them again.
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lilly and ashton are normally fine around me. Sherbert has always been my problem child. He is so darn jumpy! I was just holding ashton on tuesday...but i guess it is kitten season and maybe he is out on the town, his appointment to get fixed is may 8th. I was petting lilly yesterday so maybe she was just napping some where..her appoinment is may 1st. I just feel so much better when i call them and all three of them show up and eat i guess they are growing up and want to have there own kitty lives and don't need me as much I really wish i could have gotten them fixed sooner, but the $$$ just wasn't there It is ashame that cats start mating so young, if they at least had a full year of being kittens it would be so much easier
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I just went back outside and ashton and "Leo" (big orange kitty, stops by once in a great while)where there. I guess ashton is hanging out with the big boys now. leo went running but ashton stayed and meowed at me for alittle while. I really love that cat. So i made sure i got alittle cuddle time in with him. I hope once he gets fixed he doesn't wonder as much. It kills me that we didn't cacth snowwhite when she was pregant with that litter. Those are all such cute kitties, and then we could have gotten her fixed sooner oh well what is done is done, at least they are all getting fixed now. It is a good thing we caught her this time, the weather the past few days have just been awful!! Good think the outside guys have the barn to keep dry in.
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Val, you've already gotten all the advice there is to give, so I'll just act as big shoulders!

All of our younger outside kitties are now in homes or in boarding - but I do know EXACTLY what you mean!!! The mom used to take the whole family on excursions, and we always went NUTS waiting. In fact, I usually posted here for "COME HOME" vibes!!!

I'm sending up my prayers for ALL your babies to come home! And I'm so sorry the earliest appointments are so far away. You already know I think you'll probably have a pregnant Lilly , but I've kept her in my prayers too. You never know - luck just might be on your side. We can hope and pray - and I am!

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i'm hoping that luck is on my side. I just can't bare the thought of my little princess having kittens. But if she is pregant, then i know it was that big black cat, i can't stand the thought of them just fixing her and taking the kittens... I just keep praying she isn't pregant. She is still awful young, and she was hiding good and hissing at him. what a mess!! at least snow white is in and safe, so that is one kitten machine that is going to be shut down, Thank go ashton and sherbert are boys! Just gotta hope lilly didn't get herself pregant!
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