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Oreo after surgery

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Hello everybody:

My girl Oreo was spayed yesterday and she is doing great She is such a good, sweet kitty, she is so happy, she doesn't even look like she just had surgery. She is comfortably resting with her favorite bunny right now. Take a look at my sweet girl:
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Look at those ears! What a sweetie pie!
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aw, shaved belly. I wonder if she has any idea what just happened to her... or if she even cares. :p
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What a pretty girl!
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Thank you all so much I don't think Oreo knows what happened to her, but she is so relaxed and comfy It surprises me.
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Awwww what a sweet girl! I'm glad the spay isn't affecting her at all, she looks very relaxed
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It is incredible how well Oreo is doing after her surgery. I've had my other kitty spayed and my two boys neutered by another vet and they didn't looks as good as Oreo does. It took longer for them to fell ok. I think it is good I changed vets
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Nice to hear she is doing well, I love black and white cats i have two myself.
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I'm glad Oreo is doing well after her spay! She looks no worse for the wear!

Kittens don't seem to bat an eye over surgery! Belle and Delilah were not too happy about the trip to the demonstrated by the lovely show they put on in their carrier as they waited for me to pay upon picking them up, but otherwise seemed just fine. They stuck to me like glue the first day home and then were back to their crazy selves (possibly crazier selves) the next day.

I think it's harder on us than it is on them!
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