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Low cost clinics?

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I'm looking into spaying/neutering for my kittens and would like to look into the low cost options in my area. I don't know of anyone that has taken this route and would like to ask how safe, in general, are these services and how I can go about finding out if there has ever been an issue with the clinic I might choose?

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We have a low cost clinic in Indianapolis. I took the feral cat that is living in my shed there to get spayed. They do 50-60 surgeries a DAY!!! It kind of gave me the mental picture of animals laying in a row, like a chopping block!!!! I know thats awful, but thats ALOT of animals in one day!!! And the do this everyday.
Now, Honey, the cat, did just find and she didn't have any problems but I won't be going back there to have my kitten nuetered. I found that the driving time, waiting in line to drop off and pick up really isn't worth it. (I waited in line for an hour to pick her up!!!) Plus, I just feel more comfortable with my regular vet. The price difference is 30.00.
Most low cost clinics have discounted medicine..(flea and tick meds, heart worm) that might be worth getting from there.
Low cost clinics are a great thing to have. The one here proves that with over 60,000 animals been fixed since it opened...(I think in 2002!!!)
But If I were you I would visit the clinic first and make your decision based on that. As far as any issues with the clinic, I would research it on the internet!!!
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This should help


Its a list of low cost spay and nuter vets in NJ
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Thanks for the reply and link. It's the second one on there that I was looking into and I'm thinking about.

Thanks again.

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This should help


Its a list of low cost spay and nuter vets in NJ
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I would feel very comfortable with the SPCA. I am going with another orginization here in Nevada, and they actually have the neuter done at a local vets office. May be the same type thing there.
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Our boys exclusively go to a low cost clinic. We love our vet and I can't imagine that a "full price" vet does any more than Dr. Wright. He's thorough, cares truly about the cats--loves on them, and even takes pictures of our Jack because he has a cat that looks just like him. I couldn't afford our two cats otherwise. $18 office visit, cost me $26 to neuter Jack And on the weekends they do a vaccination clinic, so you don't have to pay office visits.

A friend is currently fostering two mommas and 5 kittens. I'm taking them in for her on Saturday to all be wormed. She couldn't afford to do it if she had to pay office visits. Actually the friend already has 3 cats of her own and a dog and she is planning on transferring from her vet to our vet, because of the cost and the fact that Dr. Wright is so great with our boys.

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One site's take on the situation: http://www.marvistavet.com/html/body...ital-Or-Clinic

I think they come off a little negative about low-cost clinics, but they give some good information.

Bottom line is: it is better to have a cat spayed/neutered at a low cost clinic, than not at all. I would search around though....the "spay/neuter" clinic in my area (Ontario, where we don't seem to have any low-cost options!) is not much less expensive than my home vet (where they stayed overnight and received post-op pain killers).

Although I see the reservations of the "assembly line" method, I also figure if a vet is performing that many spay/neuter surgeries each day, he/she must get REALLY good at the procedure pretty quickly!
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