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Update(long post)

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Hey guys,

Its been a few days since I have been on. Me and Tom made it to my parents house safely on Thursday tough we did have to drive though a NASTY storm where over an inch of rain fell in about 30 minutes and we had about 60 mph winds. I pulled over though and waited it out and Tom didn't really seem that worried. I later opened up his cage for the first time to see if he would explore the car and he refused, so I guess that means I have him trained well...lol.

My mom is doing okay but absolutely REFUSES to use the leg at home. She walks stiff legged and will not bend it at all. She holds it at about an 37 degree angle(almost strait)and won't bend it to stand up. She will put all her wait on her other bad knee to get up and she is doing more damage that way. I almost want to grab her by the ankle, bend the knee to 90 degrees and make her get up like that but it wouldn't do any good.

I went to rehab with her and she is a completly different person at rehab. She was doing the bike and going all the way around, though she wiggles her hips to get this done. In fact when she was on the bike I got behind her and tried to hold her still. She can bend it to 90 degrees on her own and scoot around the room in a chair and she can also do some squats. She has started walking backwards on the tredmill and some times she picks up the replaced knee and other times she just lets it drag.

With assistance she bent to about 97 degrees(seat belt around the leg and the rehab person pushing on it). and relaxed she bent to about 87 and relaxed she straightened to about -11 degrees. She can quit rehab when she gets to a relaxed 90 degree bend and a 0 degree straigtened so she is making great progress, if she would only use it at home.

Both me and my dad talked to her about bringing home what she does at rehab and since our little talk she has been trying harder(from what I hear I am not there). Other than the frustration in her not carrying over rehab work she is doing great. She doesn't need depends any more and I just took the special toilet seat off the toilet the other day so she is making progress. She doesn't use a walker or a cane any more but she will lean on shopping carts if she is out shopping(more a mental thing then a neccessity). She can drive for about an hour and ride for about an hour and a half before her knee starts to bug her. I was generally impressed with her progress if she would just do what she and I know she can do and not not try.

I am in Canada and have been here since Saturday and its been a great trip so far. Me and my girlfriend have been getting along great and I even spent the night at her place for the first time on Sunday night. Neither of us got much sleep though because it was a twin bed so there was no room for us to get comfortable and it was kind of a humid night. She is at work now and I am missing her like crazy.

According to my mom, Tom is doing great and he plays with my parents and the other cat very well with limited problems. He hissed at my mom and my brother the first day he was there and I was worried that it would be a problem but my mom said he has been a lot better.

Well thats about it, just wanted to give you guys an update. Any advice on how I can help my mom when I get home on Sunday would be greatly appreciated, either post it here or PM me.
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I'm glad to hear your mom is doing well. Believe me, a lot people are completely different for PT then they are with family. My mom was the same way. It's because the physical therapists don't take any excuses...it's their job and they aren't really emotionally involved. I bet both your mom and dad were glad to see you though! And, I'm glad Tom is settling in fine.

Have fun in Canada!
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I think just continous encouragement to your mother will help. Like speaking to her daily about her exercises. Does your brother help her with any PT stuff?? She needs to be pushed at home to start walking normally and get back into a routine where she uses her leg in natural motions.
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