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I did it, I did it!!!!

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If you have read this thread, then you know that I've been considering starting cleaning houses in the afternoons for extra money. Sooo..... I delivered breakfast to one of the largest dr's offices in town this morning (happens to be our family dr, lol), and I asked one of the nurses if she knew anyone who was looking to have some housekeeping done...... turns out she needs someone to (a) clean a rental apt when she and her husband move into their new house (b) clean the new house where the workers have been before they move in, and (c) do a bi-weekly clean (no laundry!) on the new house after they move in. I quoted her a price, and she said that when the house is finished in a few weeks she'll be calling......yay!

So I guess I have my first customer!!!
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Awww! How exciting!! I'm so happy for you!!
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That's awesome, Cindy!!!

I cleaned houses for Merry Maids for a was the worst month of my life
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That is wonderful
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Cool and keep in mind if you do a very good job, she will give you referrals - might be a change in career for you
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Congratulations! That's fabulous news!

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Good luck!

My mom has owned her own cleaning service since i was a baby. She's the only person that does it though so it can be a bit hard. It's very demanding work- she will be 60 next month and i see it get harder on her with every year. It's good when you're younger, but as you get older it can really be hard on the body. I would suggest making sure you always have another line of work set up just incase!

It takes a special person to do that line of work- i hope you do well!
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I used to clean houses for a living for a while. I actually enjoyed it. I started with an agency but didn't like having to give 20% of my earnings to them, so I branched out on my own.
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That is great news, Lamb!! I sincerely hope it works out for you!
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Yay, that's awesome!

We have people that come clean our house every other week (my parent's house). I think we pay them around $70 and they stay for only an hour (but it's 5 ladies working really fast). We call them "The Cleaning Ladies". The day they come is referred to as "Cleaning Lady Day"

Anyway I hope you enjoy it and make some good money.
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Thanks guys! Like I told Katiemae yesterday, even if I don't clean but say, three houses a week, that would be that much "steady" income coming in, whereas with the bakery/catering service, there's so much uncertainty in it right now that it's driving me crazy......well, crazier , lol!
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Congrats KittenKrazy on your new venture. My roommate cleans 4 houses bi-weekly and 1 weekly. Though it can be draining, the extra money sure comes in handy.

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