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And older cat and a kitten

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It's been a few months and I'm really puzzled and a bit lost on what to do. Our kitten like to come running towards our older cat. She sits opposite him facing in his direction, then all of a sudden jumps into the air and slaps him a few times without claws in his face.

Then she turns around and runs away from him, he reacts several seconds later chasing her down. He jumps on her and pins her to the floor.

At first I thought that they be playing, but after awhile she starts "crying" or yelping. So I shooed the older cat away.

Later that day I was petting her as she laid in my lap. I came across a few rough spots on her hide. So I tried looking at it, only for her to try and bite me back. We went to the vet the next day for monthly shots. I asked him to inspect her and he said that she indeed was bitten in those places by the bigger cat and that it was normal.

Is this REALLY normal for the older cat to actually bite at the kitten? He's a big cat and she's only 16 weeks. Boney as hell too, although we feed her like crazy. She's still tiny and slender. Everytime we open the bedroom door she tries slapping his face and the circle continues. She jumps on her and starts bitting. Just yesterday he bit her on her lower neck and back... =/
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Oh boy, do I remember those days! About a year ago we brought a six week old stray male kitten home to our 5 year old 16 lb male cat. After we kept them separated and let them get used to each other's smell etc. the same thing started to happen. The kitten began swatting and chasing the older cat. Well the older cat didn't like that and would chase the kitten down and pin him to floor often times biting him. The kitten would cry out and I would have to break them up only for it to continue again.
They've both calmed down quite a bit but this still happens once in a while. The kitten is big enough to fend for himself now so I usually let them work things out unless I think it's going to far, then I'll intervene.
I don't really have any advice for you, I just wanted to let you know that I went through the same experience. Good luck and hopefully with time things will improve.
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We are getting a kitten with the same age as she is in hope that she will find a play buddy in a new kitten. Talked to the agency from whom we are adopting this new kitten and they say that it may work.

Also that new kitten is so darn cute. Will post a picture once we have him!
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This sounds a lot like my kitty Shadow. She's always been sooo tiny, very slender and boney, even to this day. When she was a kitten, she would crawl up on Rahja (who was about 6 yrs old at the time and much bigger), nibble on him, scratch, try anything to get him to play with her lol. Rahja is a very laid back cat and would usually just sit there and take it while she rolled around on him But once in a while, Rahja would snap back and "put her in her place."

I think it's pretty normal. But I would keep an eye on them and watch them closely just in case your older cat gets too rough.
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