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Wanted some insight

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When my cat pees in the litterbox, towards the end of his pee, he'll slowly sit up as he's peeing and it'll sometimes go outside of the box. It's almost like he's spraying. We only have 1 cat, and there aren't any strays around.

Maybe we just need one of those covered litterboxes?

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks...
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Sometimes it is just that the box is too shallow. It doesn't sound like hes spraying to mark territory. Your right maybe a covered one or a deeper container. Every now again mine do that. I'm going to get some deeper containers myself.
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Lucy does that and will stand on her tippy toes to get as high as she can. We didn't do well with the covered ones because she would pee up above the point where the lid and bottom meet then it would leak out. I ended up getting some plastic storage boxes (13" tall). We cut a hole in one side because Much is an old girl and needs easy access. But some people don't and the cats just jump in over the side.
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Hmmm, I like the storage bin idea. Thanks for the suggestion.
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I have that problem with a couple of mine, too. I tried putting newspaper around the boxes, but they peed on the newspaper, not in the boxes.

Mine won't use the covered boxes or storage containers with a hole cut in them. But a friend suggestion something I will try: she gets the high Sterlie containers and then puts a piece of wood, like a step, so they can climb in and out. I'll let you know how that works.
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