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Is he getting enough to eat?

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I am wondering if I am feeding my kitten enough food. He gets about 2.5oz of wet food a day(natural life) split into two meals. Also, he gets about 1/4-1/3 cup of dry food a day (felidae, which sometimes he doesn't eat all of it)
He always acts like he is starving! If I am in the kitchen he is nose to the ground looking for food, or he is meowing at me...if I go to give my dog a treat, he comes running in there so he gets one also.
He is about 4 1/2 to 5 months and weighs about 5lbs. He is very long and lean. When I first brought him inside (he was about 2 1/2 months) he was so skinny, no meat on him whatsoever. It was like he had a thin layer of skin covering his ribs. He is much better now, I can still feel his ribs but nothing like before. He seems to be bulking up a bit over the last week or so.
Do I need to be feeding him more? He acts like he isn't getting enough but I'm not sure....TIA
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i know i'm bad, but nobody has replied, so i thought i would to move it back to the top
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time for a vet check...
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His weight seems to be right-on. from everything I've read..they should
be about a lb per month so 5 lbs for a 5 month old kitten. Does your kitten
even like the dry food? Maybe introduce another brand and see if he will
eat that. Will he eat more wet than you are offering him? Maybe he needs it at least 3 times a day. If he is acting good and his weight seems to be okay, I don't think I'd go to the vet yet.....
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sharky, why do you think he needs to go to the vet?? He has an appointment on the 15th for his rabies.

I believe he likes the dry food. He eats the most at night. When I get up in the morning, usually all of the food is gone, wet and dry. I think he may eat more wet if I give it to him. He gets breakfast at about 7am and dinner about 7pm. He sometimes has wet food leftover when he is done eating in the morning but it is always gone by the time I get home. There is always dry food left when I get home. Maybe I will try a diferent brand.
I started him off on kitten chow which he wouldn't eat at all. When I got him the feldiae, he munched on it and has eaten it, but I think he prefers wet food.
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to check for a reoccurence of worms or bateria ...he is about the right wt for a AVE size kitty but if he is a long kitty he may have something going on that only a vet is qualified to figure out
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Okay, I will be sure and ask about that when I take him next week!
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Belle acts as if she is starving all the time as well. She simply loves treats and human foods. She is free-fed dry food and gets wet once a day (which she doesn't eat all of some days). Her growth is fine and she is a healthy weight. I suspect that little Marley is the same type of personality.

If he eats the wet well, perhaps give him a little more at each setting or an extra meal. Free-feed his dry. Since he's a kitten, give him as much as he will eat. I've gathered that there's no such thing as too much food for a kitten. Once he is neutered, you'll want to watch his food/weight a little more carefully.

Mine eat more at night as well. Often when we are sleeping, so if he doesn't have food available during the night, maybe make it available to him.
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