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Kind of odd behavior with toy

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My oldest kitty, Asher has a favorite crinkle mouse toy. It's several years old and tatterd but he still plays with it from time to time. I've noticed that everyone once in a while I'll be sitting in the living room and Asher will go get his mouse, hold it in his mouth and walk down the hallway while meowing deeply. Once he comes down the hallway far enough that I can see him and I acknowledge him he drops it and walks away. Anyone have a clue as to why he might be doing this or what it means? Thanks!
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3 of my female cats do that. I'll be in another room and I'll hear one of them really meowing, it sounds so mournful. Then I run out to check on them and they have one of their toys in their mouths. I don't understand it either but its not that there is anything wrong with them, mine have been doing it for a long time. When they do it I tell them "Yes, I know its a beautiful toy you have".
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My female cat does this same exact thing!! I would love to know what it means.
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Yes, my Christopher Thomas, an orange and white cat, will go through the apartment at night and pick up all my stuffed animals, carry them through the apartment and make a kind of mournful sound before he puts them down and goes back for another one. It seems to me to be maternal behavior. He does act distressed, though.
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My cat, Roxy does that. And only at night! She does it while dragging her 2 teasers and her catnip mouse into our bedroom. She sounds so pitiful, I feel bad for and always say "Hey Roxy, it's ok. I love you! Do you want to play? I love you!" (I know, I am weird!!)

A male cat I had in the past did that as well, and only with one specific toy. It was an old, ratty toy as well.

I really do not know why they do it. lol
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My Rahja kitty does that too!! He's a male. He will walk up to me with something in his mouth and meow really loudly! It does sound almost mournful, but I don't think it is. I've also seen a female cat do this too, she was carrying a big WORM! ew. I think maybe they're bringing us something to say "thank you" for caring for them, giving them food, etc.?

Whenever Rahja does this I pet him and tell him thank you and that I love him. I've also noticed he leaves items for me whenever I leave the house, so I get home and there are odd items on the floor. One time it was my purse

If anyone knows for sure why they do this, please share!
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don't know why... but 2 of mine do this, too!
Chip does it the most, but Pixel does it occasionally, as well.
i tell them, "you're such a good hunter" & that seems to satisfy them!
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My male cat Miles does this at night all the time. It took me a long time to figure out exactly what he was making all the noise for, I sleep with my bedroom door shut. At first I thought it was him meowing to be let in the room and then during the day I heard the type meowing and he came in with his mouse and started pushing it around the room meowing pitifully. It stopped for a while when I got him a little sister, but now he's back doing it nightly. He gets super hyped up at night and throws the mouse around and meows at it.

Maybe eventually he play with his sister instead of the toys. Its been approx 4 months since I brought Zoe home and he just tolerates her being around and rarely plays with her. When she tries to start playing he just hisses and she gives up.
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Our new male Harley does this with his "Hamster". He adopted an old stuffed animal of mine. My mom found this little stuffed hamster and bought it for me, she thought it was funny because I had like 15 as a kid and they all died, so she said it was a hamster I couldn't kill...Harley found it on my dresser and has claimed it.

He does that crazy mournful loud meow with it in his mouth all the time. It took me a while to figure out it was him making the noise and that it was when he had the hamster.

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I guess we're not the only ones pondering this issue.

Personally, I think your kitties are just playing house.
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