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Her's my little fleabag. ;> Russian kittens have a very distinctive look imho--pointed noses and big ears. I think she looks like a fox...or a house elf. Sorry it's so big. I don't know how to resize it.
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Aww cute little Brown Patched Tabby/White. Love those big ears. How old?
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She's seven weeks.

And talk about a mixed breed! Her back looks like my torti--mottled black and rust, she's got brown/white tabby markings and patch of grey/white tabby AND a spot on her back that all salt-and-pepper.
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I know - that's why I said - she's a Brown Patched Tabby and white - brown tabby with red tabby patches
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Awww wow she is adorable
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Oh how precious! Love her big bat ears. Those ears remind me of my old fosters (maybe I'm biased? Nah, it's just adorable!!).
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Oh she's so pretty!
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She is a cutie
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What a sweet little princess!!!
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