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does she think i'm the baby sitter? Can i touch them??

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This is going to sound really really weird but i have noticed that snowwhite is only eating if i'm around. Every time i check on them she is standing guard and not leaving the kittens, but as soon as i sit next to the crate she gets up, leaving the kittens right next to me and starts eating...then when i get up to leave she stops and goes back to the kittens, then when i go out again and look at the food she didn't eat any while i was gone, but once i sit she starts eating... Does this mean she is trusting me to watch them when she is gone? I have been petting her and she is purring, and I touched one of the kittens backs when she was eating and she didn't react, do you think it would be safe for me to interact alittle? I don't want to upset her.
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When we have kittens here I weigh them daily for the first few weeks to make sure they are growing properly. This will make them more trusting of humans as your scent will cling to them and be conected to a safe feeling. I would gently pet them and mom as often as mom allows. I bought a postal scale so I could weigh the babies, you may want to invest in one or borrow one from a friend. I know this such an exciting time for you! Best of luck with your little ones.
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As long as mom accepts it, I'm sure it will be fine, don't push her limits. Pet them as much as she will allow, but keep the real handeling (a pick up and hold process) to a small minimum until they are a bit older. Now is a great time, to finger their little paws very gently, get them used to being touched, touch the top of their ears gently, just basically pet them all over

If the momma cat is trusting you to touch the cats at all, or get close to all of them, that means she trust you, at least to an extent. Let alone getting up and walking away from her kits when you get there, that's a good sign. Keep your eyes on the mom when you inter act with the kittens, see if she's watching you, or just pretty aloof. IF she's not paying much attention to you, then I would say she feels pretty secure even with you around. But when momma decides to come back and take over her kittens again, let her do it and don't interfear. I personally like to just give the kits and momma a good quick pet when the mom returns and then say good by and leave em in peice. Course making baby noises, and telling momma what a good mom she is over and over is optional!

I've been around some momma cats that were thrilled when I came buy to spend time with them, she just had this look on her face like "please, come take these children from me! Just for a while, I need a break!" haha.
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i keep telling her what a good mommy she is. She is just a really good mom!! I don't know how she does it, the little monster crawling all over her already and pushing each other to try to nurse. I think i could watch them all day! I just sit there and hmm to them and sing to them, dh thinks i'm nuts. But this is a once in a life time thing for me. I never thought i would be around kittens this young since I normally fix pets as soon as I get them. Just so exciting!
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Congrads you are very special - she absolutely trusts you 100% you should be very proud of yourself! You are now a Grandmother!!!!!
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She is beginning to trust you which is a good sign. But again, I caution you, and I speak from experience with ferals. Mom is quick. You may not see her till she is on you. I would pet the kittens only, I would not pick them up. Once you lift them, they will squeal and she will go on the attack. This is not a domesticated cat you have in your house, please just keep that in the forefront of your brain and you will do great. She needs the release from her kittens so try and go there and sit at least 4 times during the day.
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