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The daily thread August 5, 2008

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Hello all!!

Ms. Nat is having a fine time on vacation so I thought I would start off today!!

Its a foggy, cool (not for long) and humid morning.
Am I motivated to work......NO
I'll think on it for a while though.
Not much on the agenda today-going to make home made pepperoni pizza for dinner tonite.

Have a good one
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Morning All!!!

Cloudy here today but am hoping it clears up later.

Woke up with a sore throat this morning so am hoping that it's not a summer cold coming on..

Heading off to work shortly which I am not all that motivated about either

Just a all round typical Tuesday...

Kitties are good, having their morning treats right now.

Everyone have a great day
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Good morning!!

I have a crazy next two days. Today, I have work of course, totally swamped. I gotta get to it, to, shoulda started work early today... Will be at work until late... Then my husband has this "Linux World" thing to go to, and he wants me to go, so in support of him and to show interest in his job, I will go... But that means I will split work in two, so will work late. And tonight, I have to set up everything for the house sitter, get a "friend" to hurry and take his stinkin' chin back that I'm pet-sitting, so I don't have to pay my sitter to sit my sat chin! Did that make sense?? This "friend" of mine is seriously abusing our love of animals and I swear he just dumps his poor chin on us 'cause he doesn't want to deal with him... <sigh> But anyway! So then I have to get not only things ready for the sitter, but I have to get the house ready and pets ready, lots of prep to do! Ugh...

We leave tomorrow right after work, so that will be GREAT!!

In other news, the internal war my body is raging is dying down a LITTLE, so I feel a little better today. Personally, since I always must look on the bright side, though it makes it difficult to get everything together, I'm really glad that I started this now, not while on vacation!!

Man, this "summer" is something else. It's never warm enough to wear a skirt / dress. All the newbies at my work think I'm the biggest tom boy because I never wear one! Hah. And the biggest thing I notice, I've been in this office for three summers now, and this is the only summer that it's still dark when I get in just before 7... (as in cloudy and overcast, not as in the sun is late to rise, of course! ).

My over-cuddles are gone! Evie is back to her normal self. She wasn't very cuddly this morning, in fact. She sure wanted her faucet water, though! Spoiled little thing.

Happy Tuesday all!
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Good afternoon/evening I've been married for 6 months today, yay! Now the honeymoon phase should be over and we can go about hating one another jk.

Got to leave work early today Had to pick Katina up from the vet - she had her annual comprehensive exam today. They called around 2:45 for me to pick her up whenever I could. Of course, now I have to make up an hour and 10 minutes of work sometime this week to get my 40 hours

She got a clean bill of health, I just need to help her out with her ear cleansing for awhile to avoid an infection. She's also tubby She weighed in at 10.8lbs! The carrier definitely felt heavier this morning. She was great in the car on the way home, just laid back and enjoyed the ride.

Now I'm starving, waiting for Rob. I didn't eat lunch today because I forgot to bring some, and didn't want to leave work to get some then have to leave again to get Katina. By the time I dropped her off, it was 4:30ish and I figured we'd just head home once I picked Rob up. Of course not! I don't know how long he's going to be fiddling with this transmission - probably until it's finished. When I called him earlier he said he was working on the valve body ... didn't mention he was only cleaning it! It is still sitting all apart on the table back there I want to go home and make my pierogies!

Have a lovely evening, all
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