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Happy 1000!!!!!!! Posts Debby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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so, how does it feel to be such a yapper?!

i cant wait to meet you in the 1000 ranks!

love you so much

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Doesnt it feel great to know you talk that much..LOL. When I hit 1000 I was in SHOCK!! Congrats Debby
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DEBBY: You GO, Girl

I snuck over to Mr. Cat's TOGA party and stole a keg!!!! so HEARTY!

YOU Deserve it!!! You must be
dry from all the Yapping. . . .

(FYI, things are starting to get UGLY over at the TOGA PARTY. . . . something about "Nobody leaves until Joe finishes his "Ode to Buffy" and we all pledge allegance to Vampire Slayers Everywhere. . . . I think they're all ed!!!!
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Congrats Debby! Welcome to the millenia club!

:afrorainb :afrorainb :afrorainb :afrorainb
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congrats! 3 thumbs up!
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1000 posts! WOW! hope to see you at 2000 and beyond.....

:pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky: :pinky:
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Wow 1000 posts... tell me your secrets?

Congrats... you should be crowned for the day :laughing2 Needless to say however, I am not shocked

:afrorainb: :afrorainb: :afrorainb: :afrorainb: :afrorainb:
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congrats!!!!! to a "fellow" Debbie on achieving 1000 posts....Way to go girl As you can tell me favorite color is blue...

DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai,Zoe, and Baby
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You go girl!!!

Air Princess threw me a party too for 500 posts!

Come on over if you're feeling like it!

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Where is the bride of honor? :confused3

I think we should get a search party out...
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Oh, there your are! Hey, everybody, Debby's hiding in the closet! Come on out here, girl! One-thousand posts and counting; and you're being shy? Get this woman a drink!

Hey, it's sasparilla!

Okay, Debby will be here shortly. (Won't you?)

Yes; and then we'll throw a throwdown, hoe a hoe-down, party hearty and all that stuff! Don't forget: It's K. C. and the Sunshine Band, right? Crank it up!

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*boosting for Debby*

where are you, sweetheart?
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!! What a nice welcome back!!!

I have been really sick for a week, I posted a thread about it so everyone wouldn't think I skipped town!!!

This is AWESOME!! Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!

*I always knew there was SOME benefit to having a big mouth*

Thanks for the wondeful icons and the lovely party!!!

I'm still not up to drinking any beer yet (uh-uh....now you KNOW I'm ill) But I will come back here and drink it all when I am all better....(well maybe not ALL of it...)

I love the band Joe, you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv ya!!!!!!!!
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