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Hello, I'm Angela (never angie!). Mom calls me Angel.
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Jennifer Lynn...but I go by "Jenn".
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My name is my screen name for TCS.... Sandra, or some call me Sandy, whichever one.
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Shirley....you and your mother are BOTH beautiful!!!!!!!!!
And in case you were wondering why the :laughing: smilie did not work in your post...it has now been changed to :lol3 : (right Deb? )
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Ever seen Sherral spelled this way?
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Nope...you're first and only!
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I've never seen it that way, either.

Ever see Carrie spelled this way???? LMAO! DUH! I am stupid...forgive me.
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Nope! First time I've seen it that way . . .
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Ever try to find any thing with your name on it when it is spelled different?You can't!!!
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I'm Ginger, and yes that is my given name and no I am not a stripper or from Gilligan's Island-LOL!
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Thanks, Debby.. i don't have my mom's looks.. she has grown old so rapidly after my brother's death... wow!!

Anyway, thanks..

When i next talk to her on the phone (which is pretty soon), i will tell her (just for fun!)

Smiles and Cheers!
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<~~~Says Tamme.
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Anne at your service. But no one here calls me Anne you know - the Hebrew version of my name is Anat.

Pronouncing it - the first A you pronounce like in "Annette" and then the second part you pronounce like a "nut". Call me "A Nut" or just "Nutty" for short
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Originally posted by Nora
Nora here. Niina my grandfather came from Finland. Finish is my father's first language, which he often lapses into.
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My Hebrew name is Nofar... But whenever Im in the States, my friends call me Katie!!!
(when I was a counselor at a summer camp, this was my nickname and it stuck!...)

I got so used to it, that when fly to USA, that how I introduce myself

(BTW Nunny is what my Boyfriend calls me for years )
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Samantha-Ann here BUT please just call me Sam,Sammy or Samantha!
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Barbara of course, but I like Barb.
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But how is this going to help. Can you print a thread to have?
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But I like to be called Sicy
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I'm Cathi...better known as Blondiecat
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Bob here
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*looks around aquardly* Um... My name is Jennifer Lynn too... *eeps* but My friends call Me Lynn or Salem... long story lol

~ Salem
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My first name is Hope.
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Tamara but I've always been called Tammie or Tam
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Christopher Micheal

But i go by,...
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my name is what?! my name is what? my name is... sounds like eminem up in here!!!

Kimberly who is currently and will foreva' be owned and ruled by JB in 'da his house! yo, what up my peeps! big dawg, little dawg, snoop dawg, ya my dawgs up in here! oops, this is a catforum, heee heee!
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Catherine as in CATherine and I love cats, spooky!!:bat
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