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HELP - Fever 105.1 F  

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Our baby Caesar has a fever of 105.1. I read that the normal temp is 100-102.
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Originally Posted by greenvillegal View Post
Our baby Caesar has a fever of 105.1. I read that the normal temp is 100-102.
Call your vet or the closets Vet ER
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I agree Vet now.
A temp that high is usually indicative of infection.
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Yeah, since he's been peeing in inappropriate places and is also running a fever, he needs to see the vet. A round of good antibiotics may be all he needs.
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The smaller they are, the mosre fragile they are. And that is a high temp. Take him in tonight.
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Please vet asap. When Joshua was a kitten he spiked to 105 ( a vaccine reaction) he became so lethargic and unresponsive..we had one fast drive to the vets.
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Please take the poor muffin to the vet...Bella once had a fever that high...she was so lethargic, like a wet noodle. A course of antibiotics and she was good as gold.
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How is he today?
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Well after I posted, DBF came home & we went 2 dinner 4 a friend's bday. Caesar was so pitiful when we got home. He was so sad looking, & u could really tell that he just felt uncomfortable & just wanted 2 lie still. He felt really warm 2 us so we took his temp, well above normal 4 a cat. We waited a little while but then snapped when Jason tried 2 put him in the bathroom bc he had 2 tinkle. He just fell over & lost his bladder right there on the floor while shaking & lying there. It was heartbreaking. We took him in right away. His fever had elevated 2 106. The doctor came in & said he didn't like what he was feeling & sorta beat around the bush (not 2 b mean) until we got an x-ray & some bloodwork. The results were unclear, but the prognosis was not good. Eventually the doctor admitted (I could see he was trying 2 b gentle bc we were crying) that we could spend lots of $$ treating him but this was a chronic thing that wasn't going 2 go away & he would always have problems, if indeed it ended up not being kidney failure. They were going 2 have 2 run more tests 2 figure it out but no matter what the prognosis was not going 2 b good. We did not want him 2 suffer anymore last night or ever. So we made the decision. A decision both DBF & I hoped 2 never make again. It was so sad, he was so pitiful & it's almost like he knew. We were both pretty much sobbing. On the way home the vet called & said that it was very peaceful, quick, & painless, & that he got some urine from him & it was indeed kidney failure. So I guess we did the right thing.

DBF & I hardly slept last night, & my eyes r so hugely swollen from crying. I really should have stayed home 2day but I don't get paid 4 that. I hope God will protect us & give us strength. Sorry about the shorthand.

I am SOOOOOO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the 2nd baby we've had to do this to in 3 months!!!
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I'm so so sorry, its one of the most difficult things in the world, and I am crying right along with you. God will give you protection and strength to go through this ordeal. I know, I've been through it.

Many Many Prayers for you.
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Thank you so much. I am just lucky to still have Amadeus and Sebastian, they were so loving to us when we got home last night.
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So sorry he died. I know how you feel I lost 2 Cats close together also and it was kidney. You can Pm if you ever need to talk.
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