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weird cat dreams

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For the past 2 nights I've been having the strangest cat dreams..

The night before last I dreamt that the circus stole my cat and when I went to get him back he was stuck in a chest so this person told me to pull him by the front legs to get him out but they stretched like silly putty and I was terrified they were gonna snap!

Then last night I dreamt that two of my passed away cats were sitting on the porch with my new cat, and I was giving Cuddles (I guess what u would have called my top or alpha cat, the one with all the power who I got first..) sardines and fish and stuff, while Snuggles (second in line) looked on, and Roxygo just sat on a chair acting like nothing was going on.. It was weird..

Why am I dreaming about my cats!?!?!?!
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I don't know why you are dreaming about your cats, but I, too, have some weird ones about them, as well. I dream that Angel is alive again...and I dream that Ashley has died....things like that. Maybe it is just are subconscious coming out at night (fears, hopes, etc).
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Dreams can be your brain's way of processing feelings or information that you are either too busy to think about during the day or that are frightening or hurtful.
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Hi I am glad someone brought this topic up, because the wierdest thing happen last week, I had a dream my kitten Leo died because he fell off a high shelf in the house! That morning, by husband informed me he had a bad dream, I said "so did I" what was yours about? He said Leo died because he jumped of the balcony (we are on 7th floor)!!! I freaked and told him my dream, we were both freaked....
Maybe we are both scared of losing him,because we love him so much, but it was too freaky that we both dreamt on the same night. Luckily my Leo has been great! But I have this fear now (because of the dreams), and in the back of my mind, I am always worrying about him...
and he has and never will be allowed on the balcony!

however now I feel better knowing others dream about their cats too!
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cats and kittens that had a third eye in the middle of their forehead.
They would mill around me and then sit and stare at me...Very wierd! I think it is my secrete wish to be able to hear my cats thoughts...
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I dream of someone stealing Max and I have to go after them to get him back and then there will be hundreds of cats that I have to go through to find him.
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I have a friend that used to dream that her cats could talk to her (in English). It would make her cry when she woke up, because it was wonderful to be able to communicate with her babies and was sad that it was just a dream ... Wouldn't it be great to have conversations with your cat??!
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Ok..so I'm not the only one who dreams for their cats! Phew! Just last week, I dreamed that I rescued so many cats and they filled my entire house. The really weird thing was Echo had babies (she's fixed!) and they were all different ages & looked identical to her. It was like seeing Echo in all the stages of her life all at one time! It freaked me out! I woke up startled and instantly reached down to the foot of my bed for her. She woke up, yawned and went right back to snoozing. She how much she cares if I'm freaked out or not!
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My nightmares lately have centered on one or more of the cats getting outside and me looking for them, calling them and crying because they were missing.
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