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A few Questions

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Hi, I have a few questions about my cat Yancey. Yancey is pregnant, but I am not sure how far along. A little background, we got Yancey on May 13th, I noticed her belly getting bigger on July 3rd. I am pretty sure she is getting close but not sure how close. I havent noticed her nesting much. Her boobs have filled up with milk, they are very noticeable, she has lost the hair around them. She has been very affectionate today, she has never been a real affectionate cat. She follows me everywhere I go, wants me to rub her belly, licking and pawing me. All of this is very unlike her. I noticed about 4 days ago she was having a slight mucus discharge and today it had a little blood in it, it isnt heavy (the mucus discharge or the blood). Anyone have any idea how close we may be to delivery? Also I dont see or feel the babies move much, is this common? I think I may have felt them kick/move once or twice but thats about it...thanks for any info!

PS I have tried to figure out how to post pictures on her but with no luck...I wanted to post a picture or 2 of my Yancey in this message but I couldnt figure it out, thanks!
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The day before my kitty had her babies she was VERRRRY affectionate....shes usually a really nice cat but not THIS nice. It sounds like shes really close to me....

Hopefully next time u post on this thread itll be about your new kittens
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She sounds very close. My Meeko demanded Coco be with her and wanted us also.
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You are getting close. Very close it looks like.
Good luck.
I always use photobucket to post pictures.
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Thanks guys, no babies yet. She is laying in front of me right now, and pawing my chest, I think thats what they call it, when they take their paws and push in and out on you.
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Here is a few pictures of my babygirl Yancey, the first 3 are before she got pregnant and the others are after she got pregnant.

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Kinda hard to tell with a longhair cat how close. But it looks like a good two more weeks IMO - the nipples are a little puffy, but don't look really full of milk yet. And she may only be carrying 2-3 kittens and won't get really pregnant looking.
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ok, thank you! that last picture was taken on July 10th, they are alot more puffy now, I was just posting a few pictures that I have taken along the way. I would guess 2-4 kittens, she has 3-4 nipples they are really pink and bigger than the others. I will get a picture of her now, in just a few...maybe that will help, thanks so much
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Here are a few pictures of her, taken a couple minutes ago. Sorry they are so big, I dont know how to make them smaller, thanks for any info

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I'm still sticking to my 2 weeks left. She really doesn't look very pregnant and her nipples are still not full of milk. I'm going with the fact she only has 2-3 kittens and not like she has 6 in there

If you can express some milk from the back nipples, she's closer. Put a little vegetable oil on her nipples and gently squeeze them a little and see if anything comes out. You need to do it like you were milking - press gently a little beyond the nipples to draw down milk.
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