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Siam keeps vomiting :(

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Siam is a siamese, in her teens somewhere (not exactly sure where, maybe 13?). She has recently started vomiting up her dry cat food. I took Siam to the vet and had a senior blood panel done, and the vet said it all looked good. She is fed Meow Mix, and Kit N Kaboodle - very low quality foods as we all know. Unfortunately, Siam will not eat any of the high quality dry foods I have tried, such as regular Blue, Blue Wilderness, Naturals, and Nutro MaxCat. She did at least try the Blue Wilderness, but it was a no-go.

I have been reluctant to buy another expensive food for fear it will be rejected and I'll have to donate it to the rescue like the others. Siam will eat some wet food, but its also low quality such as fancy feast, 9 lives, walmart brand, and others. She doesn't like high quality canned food either. Siam is partial to meat flavors, such as chicken, beef and turkey. She does keep down the wet food. Siam won't eat pieces of real meat.

Siam acts fine, her bathroom habits are fine, and has no other symptoms but some weight loss (three pounds, she is normally 10 pounds, she is now 7). I am thinking there is a problem with the food itself. Is there a high quality food a picky cat is likely to eat?
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You're lucky she likes some wet foods....if you want to maintain her health, feed mostly wet. I'd suggest you go back to the non-gravy varieties of Fancy Feast. There's a list of those here[/b]. (Just so you know, many, many people whith years of experience in keeping their cats healthy use Fancy Feast and their cats thrive on it. Despite that, there are others who regularly "bash" it. I expect that you will hear from them shortly.)

If you want to try a high quality dry food - a cheap test-drive - pick up a trial sized bag of Orijen...it will cost you all of $2.49. Mix it in very slowly with the current dry food. I wouldn't recommend that you taste-test it with her - my cats walked away from it when I did that...now they get it full time.
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When I was doing research on foods for a diabetic cat (my son's cat was dianosed as pre-diabetic), Fancy Feast was actually one of the recommended foods as it is lower in carbs than many others.
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As Blaise said, Orijen is a good food. I got a trial size and our two loved it immediately. I switched them over to it and haven't looked back. They do eat less because it is a better quality food.

As for Fancy Feast, it isn't a very good food but if it's the only wet your cat will eat then it's better than no wet. Just be sure to feed a quality dry if you have to go the FF route for wet.

I actually had to try about 10 different quality wets before I found what our cats would eat. They will only eat 2 flavours of Merricks but since Merricks is a quality food I'm very happy. Also you may want to try different ingredients, i.e., our cats will not eat ANY food with fish in it. They just don't like fish which is fine with me since fish can cause it's own problems.
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I got samples of higher quality cat foods from a slocal pecialty pet food store. I'm sure that you can look up some companies, and e-mail them, asking them if they could send you samples for free.
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y'know, if you could get her on a dry that isn't dyed those fake colors, that might help... try one of these - they aren't the highest quality, but they're better than meow mix or kitnkaboodle. then you can give her the wet she'll eat [like FF, or whatever].
Chicken Soup [includes a store locator, btw]
Authority [Petsmart's brand]
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Just wanted to update you guys and let you know that we switched Siam from crappy Meow Mix to less crappy Whiskas dry food, and the vomiting has stopped. Thanks for all your suggestions! I am looking into a better quality food, but I can't get Orijen right now, the closest place that sells it is an hour away.
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I just wanted to suggest that if you can afford it, it might be better to feed Siam nothing but wet food, or mostly wet food with very little dry. If dry food is causing her to vomit (regardless of the type), then wet food might be the way to go. Meow Mix has some pretty decent wet food (the tubs) and many of the flavors of Fancy Feast are actually fairly healthy!

Plus, wet food can be great for your kitty.

I hope Siam feels better soon.
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