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limping calicivirus

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Has anyone had a cat that had limping calicivirus, and if so what to look for, and what was the treatment?
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I haven't had any dealings with it, but I did a search for you:Limping Calci

Glasglow diagnosis
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Thanks Hissy, Im not sure thats what is wrong though, just looking for symptoms. I have a kitten I adopted from a shelter on the 1st of March, he had a really bad URI and he was treated with a couple of antibiotics and was getting better, and last week I let him out with the others, cause he was having no nose discharge and seemed really well. Sunday he started getting a runny nose again and I started him back on the antibiotics and we took him back to the vet yesterday and she gave him more of the antibiotic to take, and he had a fever of 105. He hadnt really had a fever before and he is sleeping alot and he is eating but not as much as he was. Anyway, this morning I noticed that he would not put his weight down on one of his front legs and thats what made me think he may have calici. Not sure, he goes back in today for a follow up with my vet and we will see what he says. I did have a cat that had these symptoms of the limping calici back about 8 months ago and she recovered in about a week. I was thinking maybe she may be a carrier of this or something. All my cats have been fully vaccinated so not sure. Sorry for the long post.
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hope your kitty feels better!

from what I have read, here are some facts:

1)Calci may cause ulcers on the paw as well as the mouth, so it could be that.

2)The high fever (up to 106) is more common with rhino (herpes).

3)cats usally have a combo Uri of both calci and rhino (and others).

4)vaccinated cats are not immune, no guarentee they will not to get the virus, but if they do, symtoms are usually much midler.

5)for herpes, cats shed the virus intermitently throught thier lives.

6) for calci, cats shed the virus short period after having it, but some case have been shown to shed it for a few yrs..

I was in a similar situation with 3 cats sick with an URI....

again hope your kitty gets over it, and the paw is nothing serious!
how often is your cat sneezing? how are the eyes? how old is your kitten? you may want to try GSE... PM me if you want more info, or do a search in the posts...
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Please be sure that the kitty is getting enough water. Place ice chips on his tongue and slowly clamp his mouth shut, as it melts he will swallow the liquid. 105 is quite high and he could dehydrate quickly. Gently scruff his neck and time how long the scruff takes to lay back down, it should go down in just a few seconds, if it stays up, he needs subcutaneous liquids ASAP!

I did send you an email
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He is eating, he ate his lunch, and drank some water, he is sleeping alot though, he is usually wanting to play. I go back to the vet this afternoon, so maybe I can get some good information, the limping just started this morning, thats what made me think of the calici. My other cat that had it, I thought just hut her paw, but when it changed to another leg I thought thats not right, but she got over it in a week or so, but did drop off her eating, I had to feed her by hand when she was sick then. Thats what made me think that maybe she is a carrier of it and gave it to him when he came out of isolation and this is a totally different thing. Anyway, I will update when I come back from the vet. Thanks for all your help!!
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My vet doesnt seem to think its calicivirus, so thats good. We just got back from there. He is eating a drinking ok so maybe he will be better soon. I have to take him back in tomorrow for another follow up to see if his temp is down, it was lower today, it was 105 yesterday and down to 103 today. He seems to be a feeling a little better so maybe soon the temp will be gone.
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If he will tolerate it, you can wipe his paws down with a damp cloth soaked in cool water, or simply wrap him loosely in damp (not wringing wet) towel to help bring his core temp down.
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my kitten is better today, fever is gone, and the limp too, i guess i overreact sometimes worrying about what they may have, he is doing better though. He is eating well and playing, so hopefully all this URI will go away soon.
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glad to hear your kitty is getting better! Hang in there, he will be fine, most cats get over it in 10 days...again just keep up the nutritional support and water intake...

the temp is gone so he is on his way to recovery!!!!
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