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Lily the explorer

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She's had her 12 week booster shots so she is covered for that, she's also been wormed and the vet gave us a wee flea pack thing. He asked when I was planning on letting her outside and I told him I'm going to wait until I get back from holiday in September. We're away for two weeks and she's staying at a friend's flat so seems cruel to introduce her to the outside world and then lock her in a flat! She will be around 16 weeks old by this time, is this too soon to let her out?

Also, she's not micro-chipped and I'm not sure that I want her wearing a collar. I know they have saftey catches but honestly she is so clumsy, she just gets so excitable and throws herself at things without even thinking and is always falling off things. I worry! Am I just being daft?!

She can't wait to go outside, she's already tried to escape once! As soon as the door opens she darts out!
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if she hasn't been spayed, i wouldn't let her out yet...
of course, mine are all indoor only - safest over here.
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I'm a big advocate of indoor-only kitties after my cat got lost outside for 2 months

Sometimes I feel bad about not letting them explore the world, but there are just so many dangers outside--diseases, cars, other cats and animals, other people, they might not find their way back, etc.

If you want to let her outside, I would put her on a leash and stay out there with her for a while, then bring her back inside. Maybe that seems too controlling, but I just worry about their safety.
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tabitha is 9 now and has been an indoor/outdoor kitty all her life but she rarely goes further than next door now.

the 2 boys 16 months and 12 months are indoor only with heavily supervised access to the garden occasionally.

i personally would not let an unspayed cat out. tabby was displaying as young as 5 months and it took a battle with the vet to get her spayed at 6 months.
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I would also wait until she was speyed, you could also have her chipped at the same time and save wearing a collar.
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