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Shelter morning today

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The good news: There was an empty cage due to an adoption over the weekend, and 3 of our big guys got adopted since last Monday, plus a few kittens.

After cage cleaning, a pair of kittens were brought out for the empty cage. About 8 weeks old, black and white male and an all-white female with blue eyes. They were in the cage only 15 minutes before the white one was adopted.

The bad news: We have a gorgeous charcoal long-haired female who was abandoned in a carrier at our door. She must have some Persian in her; she was a white undercoat. When I brushed her, all I got was white, not the gray/black! She's a little skittish, but she loves to be brushed.

A family brought in a Saint Bernard with a mangled rear foot. It was obviously broken, bleeding, and infected. The owner said the dog got tangled in a chain, so tight he had to cut it off. From the looks of the dog, I would guess it's been chained in the back yard for a long time, in 100+ degree heat. Still, the dog never complained and followed willingly anyone who led him. The owner surrendered him so he could be put to sleep. After a quick exam, they decided that was best. The worse news: When I went up to my vet to pay for the monthly neuter for a cat who really needs it, I discovered our vet wants a St. Bernard and would have taken this one, injury and all. Poor baby.
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I'm so sorry for the St. Bernard.

You are doing such beautiful work. Keep us posted and up-to-date, OK?
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Ah, life is so bittersweet and often unfair. Poor SB boy! People can be such jerks.
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The life of a volunteer at a shelter has plenty of ups but its definite share of downs. You are so devoted to the little cats and they are lucky to have yo as a volunteer.
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I'm really worried about two brothers (Wilbur and Orville) who show the signs of an intestinal parasite. I pointed it out to the managment, and they checked and are now treating them, but I'm not sure they'll make it. It's a pity, because they are two lovers, wearing out your hand petting them.
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Well, I was right about one. Orville was put to sleep; he wasn't responding to the medication, and was just skin and bones.

Another piece of good/bad news: Emiliano and Charley were returned to the shelter. Emiliano was one we paid to have neutered. The adopter said she wanted "high energy" kittens, but he was a little too much, apparently. But the two of them look great. Sleek, strong, muscular. And Emiliano had two blue "softpaws" on one paw.
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