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The silly things they do

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??????? Do your Kittys??? I thought I'd post something then the next to read it could ost post a thought similiar.....

This morning as I was grogging out of bed because I can't get use to this "spring ahead" idea (what lose sleep, thats insane). Anyway as I was in the bathroom looking at meyself, of course in struted Wieland White Keys (he never walks ALWAYS struts), so I was telling him how I miss class and he could have cared less. I went on with usual morning bathroom stuff BUT when it came

time to Brush my fangs he sat on the toilet with big huge eyes, the kind of deer in the head light eyes, then when I turned my toothbrush on he started screaming!!!

It made my day and I had to come and tell you all, I hope you post silly stories of what your kittys do, I'm sure we'll all be in sticthes. Dali :blossom:
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Oreo plays with dirty Qtips and used up toilet rolls. I don't explain em I just own em
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Rowdy digs dirty Q-Tips and t.p. cores out of the trash, too.

Earlier today, I had to type one-handed because Buddy was sitting on my lap, sucking my left thumb. Its the only way to keep him off of the keyboard.
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That is too cute that he sucks your thumb!!! My Loki who is the largest/heaviest kitty likes to nurse on earlobes. He's done it ever since he was only tiny,little. Plus I think every kitty finds q-tips intriguging(sp?), like they (Q-tips) are wands of magic to another demention that only the furry can find. Maybe in my next life I come back as a kitty to be enlightened. Dali
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Taz and Squirrel have odd ideas about play toys. Taz routinely brings me slabs of drywall to throw- (we are remodeling) and Squirrel brings me walnut shells off the tree outside. They have a toy chest full of cat toys, but they prefer raw materials (I guess)One of Taz's favorite toys is the plastic lid that covers cat food. She will fetch and retrieve it for as long as we throw it.
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LOL!!! Cute pic!!
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That is so uncontrolabley cute, I wanna just reach thru and squeeze him, not to mention he looks like Wieland White Keys, only Will has a white strip down his nose then it switches sides on his chin then all the way down his belly.. I love these pictures, I've GOT to get a camara so I can show you my kittys. I know you'll love them.
Yesterday my dog went for her hystereckta-me(sp?) and when she came home she was a reck!! Today she is doing better, almost up to par. Me on the other hand am NOT doing as well. At school today on my way to my student(I tutor) in the libary I fell and broke my left ankle.OUCH!!! As if college isn't hard enough now for the rest of the semester I'll be on cructhes.POOOO
But I belive when life gives you lemons you can make lemonade, lemon minange(sp?), lemon tarts......can you tell they gave me pain pills? I think I have the munchies.. Chow Dali:blossom:
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Sorry I thought Taz was a boy, only because Wieland is. I'm sure she'll forgive. Dali:blossom:
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All of my boys looooove QTips as well.

Sebastian will hear the shower turn on and run flying into the bathroom. He'll sit at the shower door and howl until you open it and let him in. Then he likes to get under the water with you and lick water off of your legs and hands.

Drew sits outside of the shower door until you're done, and when you open the shower door he jumps in the tub and chases the water down the drain. It's so cute.

Jake plays fetch. HE LOVES SOCKS and my hair ties and will play with them until he's so caput. It's silly.
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My Pug likes water too, Cass. He has to be on the bathroom when we're in there. He's even jumped into the shower a few times!! He hopped into the bath tub once when I was taking a bath, and I don't think either of us will forget that. He was sooo surprised!! He looks part ragdoll, so that might explain the water affinity.

My guys also love to drag out old tissues and things from the garbage. Thomas sleeps in the funniest positions, too. Half twisted on his back with his front legs stretched way out.
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Do any of your kittys bury the water bowl? and then the next to drink unburrys it. It's so funny all six of mine do this (except Wieland he refuses to drink out of that bowl). It's like they all know that it burried under some kind of invisible barrier.
Then Sara the Mainecoon will sit there and take her bath in the bowl, it's so silly!!
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It's so funny you mention that. Pug does just that, and I never know why. He scratches around the water bowl every time he drinks, and then after. I thought it was just something unique to his personality. Maybe he is "burying" it... thanks for the insight.
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Buddy has decided to recline on my mouse pad and click the buttons on my mouse. We are going to have to come to an understanding, about the computer. He seems to like sitting in my chair, draped over my thigh but, if I try to type, he sucks my left thumb.
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which kitty is buddy? I notice 3 in the laughing kittys pic, those cute.
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Bastion likes to 'bury' the water fountain we bought for them. He also tries to 'bury' the sink when he drinks out of a running facet that I secretly leave running now and then for them.

Odd no?
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there is a rubber hair catcher in my shower stall. Roo likes to pick it up and drag it out to the living room or the bedroom. It's the grossest thing!
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Moemoe jumps on top of doors and then puts his head under his leg and look upside down..very strange cat. Neo purrs really really really LOUND, you can hear him from across the room. Ashton smiles, i'm not sure if the rest of them have an strange habits
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Pearl is my goofy puppy. We use a 3-gallon washtub, for a water dish and she likes to drop toys, rocks and chunks of wood in it. Then, she goes "bobbing" for them. She also likes to paddle in the water. Silly girl!
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LOL! Shelly is the only one who likes to bury... but he buries his food (by pawing the air next to it and pawing the floor - it is so funny!), and he buries the water. The funniest part of all, though, is that he doesn't "unbury" it to eat or drink it!

He LOVES running water - but doesn't like to get wet. It is hysterical trying to watch him "catch" the water - then he freaks out because his paw is wet!!!!


Lazlo meows like a banshee until we let him into the bathroom (so now I just call him when I'm going to shower). Ours is a glassed-in shower-stall, and he hops up on the sink to get as close as possible - he loves chasing the water as it cascades down the inside of the door. I wonder why he doesn't ever get frustrated that he can't catch it!


Spooky hates the bathroom, but loves playing under the door. There's just enough room between the hallway carpet and the bottom of the bathroom door for kitty paws. Whenever somebody's in the bathroom, little black paws come swooping around under the door - gotta watch your feet! I usually tease her with a q-tip, which she derives great pleasure in finally grabbing and pulling under - to shred it to bits.

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