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We're done moving!! (And another addition added)

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What a loooong weekend!

We rented a Uhaul Saturday morning and were able to pack, load and unload in less then 6 hours!

It would have been totally impossible if it wasn't for the help of 4 really good friends of ours!

My friend Christy called me around 12 and asked what we were up to and when I told her moving she asked who all was helping.
I told her that a couple of our friends who said they would help never showed up, she sent her husband and brother in law to help!

They were our saviours!

Then another friend called and told me to cancel the tow truck for Brandon's truck because he was getting a tow dolly for free!

By 8pm saturday night we were all sitting comfortably in the living room watching a movie, our bedroom and both the boys rooms were already set up! ..

Oh and did I mention the Uhaul broke down on us?

Yeap.. right in the middle of a main highway too Lucky we babied it to the new house. The 800# of Uhaul said someone would be out but they never showed
So the Uhaul store didn't charge us but $20.00 for a 26 foot truck

Oh yeah, and Justice brought home another kitten this weekend

He went 4 wheeling with his dad and found a kitten in the woods. When they stopped the poor little guy came running up to them meowing and starving

Of course, Justice brought him home. His dad took him to the vet (ours is open 24/7) and he's got a clean bill of health and estimated around 4 months old.

I will post a pic in a little while but I'm thinking of naming him Woody

It's been an eventful weekend

Here's a picture of the living room.. It's not the best cuz I took it with my phone

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Congrats on a fast and mostly hassle free move.
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For your new addition to the family, and more so that you settle in well.
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Congrats on your Move.
I can not wait to be done with ours.
We still have stuff back at the Apartment and it needs to be out by Aug 15.
I am glad you found a kitten and will keep it.
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Justice is learning early to care for little furry things.
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You do NOT want to know about all the U-Hauls I see broken down by the side of the road.
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