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8-Bit says hi...

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He was napping and I started taking pictures.
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"what pretty teeth you have!"

"the better to nom you with my dear"
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Oh my! Look at those fangs!

He's such a handsome kitty! I've missed seeing and hearing about his antics. In fact I have missed seeing and hearing about Scratch and Dr. D. Claw too We definitely need more
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Some of us are going through withdrawal.
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Nice fangs He's adorable...more pics soon please
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***squeee*** I love grey kitties
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I just adore those fangs!
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How cute - more pics!!!!!!!
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What a goof!
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Sheesh...he looks so innocent in that picture....where are pics of him being a heck raiser?!
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I demand you rub my belly

He will walk into the middle of a room, flop on his back, stick his paws in the air, and sigh. It's a small sign he wants some attention.
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I just want to reach down and rub tha bellah!
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He's adorable!!! He looks just like my Grayboy, fangs and everything!
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Thank goodness for small signs
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It's about time we have some 8-bit pictures He is so handsome!!! (my favorite little kitty vampire by far)
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Ooo 8-Bit! Its been a long time since we last saw pix of this handsome vampire gentleman! He's still looking cute, love his fangs
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You can bite my neck anytime mister 8-bit!!
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Jack's fangs hang down like that as well
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
A better quote i would think would be...

"Rub mah Bellah!" "I want mah belly belly belly belly belly...i want mah belly rubbins!"
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Hi 8 Bit!......
don´t bite to me with those lovely fangs!...

....Just kidding!...... adorable as always!...
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