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The story of Miss Sybil - A Success Story

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Some time ago I posted some pictures of a feral mama cat and her litter. Well since then we've had no luck capturing her for spay and release, but in all of it, somehow, Miss Sybil came to be.

A couple of months ago there was a meowing outside my mother's window. It started early in the morning, and got progressively louder as the morning went on. Mom was running around the house getting ready for work and the meow kept following her from outside, windowsill to windowsill. The last time it was heard, the meowing and carrying on was quite adamant, demanding. On went the light, and up came the most beautifully colored cat. She was paper thin, skin and bones. Some food was left out, and this pretty kitty never really left.

I went over to visit later that week, one afternoon, and here came the source of the meowing that mom had told me about. She was so beautiful. I sat down on the stoop and she started to purr. We loved for a while, and mom kept telling me how she really didn't want a cat. She likes having her doors open during the nice weather, no time for the 4 paws brigade, all that sort of thing. I suggested it'd be great to at least get her to the vet and get her fed and spayed if nothing else.

The way Miss Sybil acts, I'd almost bet she was one of the kittens in mama cat's last couple of litters and was snatched and adopted. Then the people either kicked her out or moved and left her behind and she starved. She didn't know how to hunt or forage for herself so she was clearly not much of an outdoor cat.

The next thing I know, this beautiful kitty is in the house and I was going shopping for new kitty gifts. Fast forward 2 or so months later, she's the sweetest little girl you've ever met. Finally getting fat, always been sassy. She and my mom have settled in together and are the best of friends. I'm so happy and proud.

Here's a pic of the sweet baby.. she's about a year old according to the vet, has had her shots and been spayed now. Peacefully (usually) coexisting and giving my mom lots of purrs.

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Oooooooooo! A tortie! What a sweet story! Looks like your mom is a convert!
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What a sweet story. I'm so glad Miss Sybil wandered into your mother's life.
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It sounds like Miss Sybil knew your Mom was the one for her!

I hope they have many happy years together.
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Oh what a sweetie pie.
I am glad your mother gave in to the love. That is how it came to be for me too and now I have 6!
Miss Sybil picked well.
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