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When you plan to adopt cats

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do you want girl or boy?

Curious about you girlies!
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WHen my dh brought it up that he wanted cats. I agreed with him and i told him that I really wanted girls because i never had own a girl cat in my life!!

We found Tavish as a ferel cat from my co worker's neighbor. i took Tavish with us and drove all the way to the Vet. I wasn't sure if it's a male or girl. The vet checked it out and told us that Tavish is a boy!

We found Jude at the petsmart. Then the owner who runs the kittens/cat homeless shelter told me that Jude is a boy. UGH! We still adopted Jude anyway because he's so beautiful with green eyes.

Maybe one day i ll adopt a GIRL cat.. I still want a girl so badly! ha ha
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before we got Rocky, I wanted a girl, but hubby wanted a boy...sooo, we got him, and 4 months later we got Fluffy...now if we were to get another one..It really doesn't matter to me...I love either..
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The little one I'm adopting is a girl. I didn't pick her because she was a girl; she was just my favorite, since she snuggled right up to me.
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I never go looking for a specific color or gender. Personalities are what attract me. Actually, I did want a black or white cat but Buddy "spoke" to me and he's black-and-white. Gender is irrelevant because all of my pets are altered.
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I don't care! As long as it is beautful!And sweet and loving!
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I did not know I was even going to adopt a pet. I went with my sister and friend to the local Humane Society where she volunteers. Max was in the kitten room cuddling with identical black kitties (Max is a black/grey/white & rust tabby). He was 3 mo. old. He was so cute and when I picked him up he just wanted to cuddle. He let me hold him any way I wanted. Over my shoulder, in my arms or rock him like a baby. He cooed and purred the whole time. I still did not know if I wanted to have a pet, but my sister put a downpayment on him and told me to think about it for a week. On the way home I decided I wanted to adopt him, so I called the H.S. and told them I would be there on Saturday and could they start calling him Max. When I went to pick him up, there was a note on his cage that said, "Hi, my name is Max". I thought that was cute. I did not know what I was in for. A baby (no matter what kind) is a lot of work. He has become so important to me and I did not realize how lonely I was until I adopted Max. Long story short, as Max is a male, in my experience males are very cuddly.

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When I decided to adopt Spike, I didn't know if he was a boy or girl, I just knew I wanted him. I was hoping he was a boy, mostly because I wanted to name him "Spike" and that seems a little more boyish to me.
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I tend to lean toward male animals in general. Even if i don't know the sex i normally seem to pic the male. I also have a soft spot for orange tabbies. I REALLY REALLY want an all black cat. The kitty gods are playing mean tricks on me by sending me three solid white kittens I love them all though!
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Male cats are friendlier in my opinion. All of my boys are loving. Some of the girls get skittish, but other than that, they can be real sweeties!
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I have gotten mostly male animals. But it really depends on their personality as to what catches me and makes me get them.
I've had female animals before but not many, only one out of my gang of 5 right now is a female.
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My boys were the only three left. We didn't have the heart to take 1 of them and leave 2 or to take 2 of them and leave 1. So we ended up taking all three! LOL

It really didn't matter to us what the gender was. We just wanted fun and outgoing cats. Boy did we ever get em!
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I'm with Cindy on this one. I didn't intentionally get three boys, but that's what I ended up with. I was drawn to their personalities, so that's how I chose them.

My grandmother-in-law, who has had many cats and is an huge cat lover, says that females tend to be more tempermental. I don't know as I have only had my little boys. Pug can be plenty tempermental, so maybe it just depends on the cat.
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